I am a traveler: However, I want to visit my family, I want to be part of the family.

Kendalville Indiana Walmart Video - I am on a road trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham.

My brother in law showed me a home made place for birds to nest at his home in Kendalville, Indiana.

I could not stop myself, a large pepperoni pizza for 5 dollars is a great deal, thank you Cottage Pizza in Sturgis, Michigan.

Video showing how the sidewalk ends, and there is no way to walk to a business.

There is an art to parking your motor home, RV, van in a Walmart Parking lot for the night: How to have privacy?

There is a custom to ask visitors, strangers, or travelers to share a tea, does this custom still exist in the USA.

I paid 5 USD to enter and 17 dollars to park my van in Pokagon State Park on May 14, 2012.

I was driving along the road East of Kokomo, Indiana when I stopped and made this video.

I stopped in Danville, Indiana and visited the Mayberry Cafe, complete with an old police car, I did not find Barney.

Stopped into Nashville, Indiana for an hour, it is close to Brown County State Park in southern Indiana.

I am on a trip around the USA, I am just starting, and budgeting and prioritizing uses too much bandwidth in my brain.

Video Blog of Road Trip of USA by Andy Lee Graham visited Bloomington, Indiana where I attended University from 75-80.

Road Trip USA 2012: I Andy Lee Graham stopped in Berne, Indiana to take a tour of the Hitzer Stove company, they make coal stove, and water pumps.

Video of Decatur, Courthouse this is day 2 of my Road Trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham and on May, 8, 2012 I slept in the Walmart parking lot.

The USA provides many free benefits when you enter a restaurant or store, but is a bad value in hotels.

I am driving around the USA for 3-6 months, I have decided to take a few factory tours, and will do in many states.

Video: May 5, 2012, I used my jumper cables for the fist time on this USA road trip.

Glare from sunlight or room lighting causes many problems seeing a computer screen, it is especially bad outdoors.

My eyes are hurting from the strain of looking a my HP Pavilion laptop with glare from the lights in library or sun.