The Wabash River in Indiana goes near the cities of Huntington, Wabash, and Peru, Indiana. That is as far as I have gone so far on this USA Road Trip.

Moving from place to place makes earning money to live horrendously difficult.

There is a song from 1970, called "Indiana Wants Me," this is a nostalgic moment for me, I ready to leave Indiana, going to Illinois on Road Trip of

I have MANY questions... can someone help me?

If you want to send a link to someone, if you want to put a link in the comments of or Facebook, this will help.

Everyone insinuates that world travel is dangerous, and that I am nuts, it is hard to decide if I am crazy, or the American people.

Well, it isnt America. No union, no workmans comp., no OCEA, no tools-just a days work for an hours pay. I do admire the Nepali worker.

A traveler needs to remove shoes to enter buildings in Asia I remove my shoes when on a long airplane flight. How to wear normal walking shoes?

Save money, relax, and avoid speeding tickets with cruise control on your "Road Trip USA."

How to meet new friends when traveling the USA?

Andy Lee Graham Present Pain Status

This is confusing, therefore first call the GS1 USA office at +1-937-435-3870.

Your friends use you, when you accept this is normal, you can discover what benefits you bring to the table and have more friends.

Saturday, May 26, 2012, this is Memorial Day weekend, and I want to thank the boys who took the fight to them.

Day 015 -- USA Road Trip -- Here is my list of problems I am working on, maybe you have solutions or ideas.

My Father has prostate cancer that moved into his back, he is doing a special treatment at the Simon Cancer Center 200 Miles from home in Orland, Indiana.

I have visited 90 countries looking for the best, and I need to do the same in the USA.

This is a google map of my trip, I hope everyone understands how to use a google map.

This is a threat, do not be mistaken.

Family is important and my parents proved it on Friday, the 18th of May 2012, as they are now married for 60 years.