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Ideas about starting a business on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

I am Andy Lee Graham, I am not sure I what to do, or where to be, and I think of escaping to Africa.

News Headlines Angeles City Philippines

Travel Tip, to make friends as a world traveler, you need, you must ask personal questions, the ones that stay make good friends.

How to send messages to other members in the HoboTraveler.com "World Travel Social Community "

The celebration of independence and freedom to keep the money we make.

Outside the USA especially, and this included Europe travelers need to inspect the shower, making sure the water is hot, and with pressure.

An invention is taking 2-5 idea and combining into something simple to use, that makes something easy, that was difficult.

Google, and maybe Facebook have computer programs that find your profile photos all over the Internet and combine you into one person.

How to keep the brain working? People older than 40 years old are slowly growing senile, the human brain is slowly going to stop working properly.

Adventure Test, are you up for real adventure, do you have the mental, emotional and physical ability needed, here are some questions to test yourself.

We request you join 5 city groups, a short list of places you want to visit or live. By joining you tell other members you want to know them.

How to edit your profile on the Hobo Travel Community, the 100 best cities to hang out in on planet earth.

There is freedom from the Doctor Tax on Lago Atitlan: Pharmacies on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala can sell you about anything you need or want.

Restaurants Lago Atitlan Guatemala

I wanted the phone to stop ringing, but now I realize the never ending contact from an Internet business is worst.

How to find a Dentists on Lago Atitlan, in the country of Guatemala? Panajachel, Solola, San Pedro or Santiago, etc.?

Here is a video explaining how to say hello to any culture on the planet in way that is not offensive.