This is a checklist of the type of clothing you need pack, the essential clothing that you cannot easily buy abroad.

My heros in life, did it one person at a time -- Help One Single Child and You are a Hero.

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Map Fuego Volcano Eruption Guatemala September 13 2012 - News Headlines Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Affinity Fraud - There is a natural attraction or feeling of kinship to people who also speak English, and they can scam you easily.

There are "Positive And Negative Aspects of Travel" yet too much time, and people become make some horrible decisions.

It sure feels good to make another person happy, and sometimes we need to prove we love each other.

I believe there are three rather problematic human behaviors.

Marco Polo released in 2007 is one of the best travel movies of all time.

The desire to write, does not make a a writer, it may be more correct to find the person who needs to write.

Because the right Hotel does not know what the left Hotel is doing, they price of room can be over-valued or undervalued.

The number of people using the Internet has increased to staggering percentages, the connections are becoming very slow. September 2012

This is not a Travel Movie, however is documentary worthy of notice, something that shows glimpse of travel, but still romanticized.

I can speak Spanish, and French, and often people tell me, I want to learn a language, I say, you need to get serious to learn a language.

Many of your friends are running confidence games, or scams on people, they are not to be trusted friends, but normally funny.

Third World Solutions - How can a person from an overly-developed country help a person from under-developed country? By expecting first world quality.

Mayan Language Center in San Pedro La Laguna - Tourist Attractions Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Being a missionary tourist is a perversion that needs to stop, we have enough snobs, the world needs people to experience the real problems.

Tourist Attractions Lago Atitlan Guatemala - The Central Park or Parque Central of San Pedro is one of the nicest on Lago Atitlan.

Tourist Attractions Lago Atitlan Guatemala - There is three coffee been processing areas located on the lake in San Pedro La Laguna.