Transportation from Bangkok Thailand to Koh Phangan Beach, close to Koh Tao and Koh Samui, the cost is 700 Baht.

Voltage Drop - Do Not Overload Electrical Circuit Digital Nomad Travel Tip.

Videw showing how, where, and how much I paid for an AIS Aircard bought near Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand.

Beach Trips From Bangkok Thailand - This is a video of the room I am in at the Black and White Hotel on Sunset Beach near Had Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Thailand from the point of a view of a Digital Nomad Traveler- I am Andy Graham a person who runs and manages an Internet business from the road.

A digital nomad traveler needs to have his or her laptop computer cleaned, or the computer will overheat, you do not need to buy a new computer.

This is a video explaining Pantip or Panthip Plaza a Computer Mall in Bangkok Thailand.

You can avoid paying 25-30 USD luggage fees in the USA by NOT checking your bags, then forcing them to check them at the gate.

Fish Spa Khaosan Road - Alternative Health Bangkok Thailand

Critical Thinking leads me to believe that humans need anger, all humans need to destroy their competition to survive.

Video explaining how to set up a prepaid cell phone in Thailand.

Maps of the city of Bangkok Thailand, Khaosan Road - Sukhumvit - Bangkok, Thailand maps. Note, the locals call the city Krung Thep not Bangkok.

The Introspective Life...

I stopped into Austin, Texas on October 18, 2012 to attend a wedding.

To be organized require you understand people, they will not take no for an answer.

The world like to make rules, and I enjoy avoiding them, I just say no to American Bureaucracy.

A friend asked me to officiate his marriage ceremony in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2012, therefore today, October 14th, I became an ordained Minister.

Why I started to say, "Life is Good?" Andy Graham

This e was discovered as the thought of the day on, October 12, 2012, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but maybe said by Owen Feltham.