The living conditions are different, but the people are quickly becoming the same.

Living by an agenday, plans, the need to travel on rain days, or when you are sick is not winning the game of life.

Hotel Room in Africa are on average 3 times more expensive for the same quality of room as almost anywhere on the planet, not a good value globally.

I want to open a bank account of great memories, I always include people, without a few smiling faces around, the memory is not bankable.

This is Andy Graham, I am in Africa 2012, dreaming of a White Christmas.

Christmas And God Is Laughing At Me - Religion

50 Caliber Guns in West Africa is better than the USA for Christmas in 2012.

Be a man, look people in the eyes, and get a testosterone rush.

Where Is Andy Graham? I am in Aboisso, Ivory Coast on December 19, 2012, it is between Abijan and the border of Ghana.

2012 Ivory Coast After Alassane Gbagbo War - Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Real Adventure Travelers seldom pay bribes, they can adapt, and avoid bribes, they are aware of the situations and avoid bribes.

Voodoo is a form of faith that exists in Ghana Togo And Ivory Coast and many other countries of the world, or West Africa.

After 14 years of travel, I am still searching for something, I am just not sure what.

I decided to write my version of a good morning prayer.

Grand Bassam - World Heritage Site - Second Empire Architecture Photos - History Of Grand Bassam Ivory Coast.

It is tiresome -- The Never Ending Search For a Travelers Rest Stop - Perpetual Traveler

You cannot know a negative, often locals endure many small problems, unaware that on the other side of the planet people have solved the problem.

There is stress when two people are negotiating, often people become very angry.

It is hard to be in love, when you spend too much money.

I am going to Mopodji, Cote d'Ivoire, a city that is not on Google maps, unless I add it.