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Where is Andy Graham? January 20-30, 2013

I believe there is nothing more natural, or human than the desire to master, and have others obey.

Leakage Losing Small Money because of temptation, on indirect, unanticipated expenses.

I met four Harvard students at Le Galion, an Expat Hangouts in Lome, Togo, West Africa. I am Andy Graham founder of this site.

Body language is more important than a French Translator, there are times when a meeting of the minds must be demanded.

I have lived in over 1000 Hotels in 15 years of perpetual travel and 90 countries.

Conspiracy Theory, you should be worried, the machine wants you to buy a house.

I do not like President Obama, but I am glad hs is the President of the USA, it is good for West Africa, maybe bad for me.

I received a 7 day visa on arrival for 15,000 CFA, or 30 USD at the Aflao, Ghana / Lome, Togo Border, then changed to a 1 year at Togo, Passport Service.

Love and friends are easy enough to find, if you walk, and are inside a target rich environment.

Lome Togo has been cleaned, and repaired, 2013-2015 is a great time to come to Lome and hangout.

Living Abroad has different challenges, the normal 80 percent of the planet, the non-over-developed countries are full of challenges.

All culture is copied, tranferred, and learned, there is alway a culture that prevails, I predict Nigeria is the culture that wins in Africa. 2013

Volunteer by being the same not by being different, prove how we are the same, and all of us can change the planet.

January 2013, I am Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana, I have traveled now for 15 years, and visited 90 countries.

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