I asked Jeff to help me as Doctor, to be the devils advocate on a Malaria experiment. Jeff is the Doctor who I officiated his wedding in Texas.

There is an explosion of irrelevant information, it is good fun.

The "Luxury Lifestyle," is easy enough, you migrate, you move on to greener pastures, where life is easy.

It annoys me when I discover solid real estate investments abroad, I want to talk about them, but my believe in ahimsa causes emotional pain.

Why is this girl always calling me, but refuses to meet, the Internet, Facebook, is thriving because of the belief the other person is honest.

Negotiating is a human need, but knowing when something is random, and accepting the conditions of random, is wisdom.

An acronym with means Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, remembering your BATNA is savvy.

All the wimps in life go along, to get along, and make tons of goals they will never achieve, first of all, real men achieve all their goals.

Bill was arrested on Lake Atitlan, so I paid him to write his story, he lost his restaurant, and the story needs told.

The introspective life is the path to your privately owned Shangri-La which strangely is free to all men, rich and poor.

How a traveler of the planet can use chlorine bleach to clean fruits and vegetables. How much chlorine and now long?

This is a love song, that is trending in 2013, love West African style.

Do you want to be American? Do you want be from France? Do you want to all yourself an Ecuadorian? You can be what you want to be, "you."

I am excited, I came upon FOUR 100-200 dollars knitting machine that is creating real self employment in Kara, Togo, West Africa.

Learning a language is learning what exist outside English, outside American culture, it is the rites of passage of a traveler to learn a language or 2...

To be content, is to accept, often we show our dysfunctional nature by the refusal to accept children into our lives.

Do you learn by seeing, hearing or touching? This is an important knowledge, that will help you to learn a language.

It is the time for you to write, you can write about what you do, done, or did, or just what you read about?

There is no reason I can anticipate, that would not allow a writer to embed videos into an e-book here, now, or in the future.

There is a need for a Hotel strategy, or you can obey the travel industry and pay through the nose.