Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

This is super easy because anyone with an android phone, also has a Gmail account.

You need to go to Wikipedia, and see if you have stayed in any of their many related names, it is not easy to know, you need to check. DECEMBER 1, 2018

After 3500 YouTube videos, I admit, I am powerless over videos, and these thingies are unmanageable, I need help, a real human, who I can meet, talk, and discuss this problem, how to make videos for YouTube?

This is my personal research done on almost any health issue, vitamin, mineral, supplement that I encounter. If you me to expand an issue, please write in comments. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Life is good, we Hobos can be grateful for living the good life, to be able to slow down our world to dream, then put our dreams into actions.

A big thanks to Finland, for making children happy for Christmas. Thank you from Andy Lee Graham of

When everyone around you is being a pussy, a wimp, your job it to man up, a colloquial phrase that applies to both men, and women. I don't like wimps, they annoy me, man up, grow, and conquer the planet.

I am grateful, I will experience some of the most dramatic changes on the planet in my lifetime. Andy Lee Graham, thank the good Gods.

I am predicting that Nikki Haley will be the first female President, she has impressed me on all levels. "Go NIkki" Making this prediction September 27, 2018, while lying in bed in the Khaosan Art Hotel, Khao San Road - Bangkok

I am not joking, your stress is caused by Fluorescent Lighting, EMF, Electrical Magnetic Field, Microwaves, Computers, and Smartphone, your are living in a glow of electricity.

99 percent of my friends spend 99 percent of their time defending the box they live in, unless I can get them to do a road trip. They will talk about life outside the box, but the box is so strong, few can step outside the box.

I believe electric motorcycles, electric cars could be imported into the USA, and a super large profit made, thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Where to find free books to read? Where to find free ebooks to read? This is a collection of sources, if you are don't have free books to read on your smartphone, then please read, there is no reason we all cannot become an expert in an field of study.

The airlines do great marketing, they try to convince you flying is convenience, and to drive your car is for chumps. Well, the savvy traveler wants to save time, and money, and does complicate life with all sort of travel configurations. Flying versus driving, not so simple...

This is self-evident, we are here to make the world a better place, we must be grateful. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Today is October 21, 2018, and the world scares me, I was born into one of the richest, most advanced countries, one of the best places to live on the planet. The USA has been a comforting security blanket for me, as it has always seem invincible, a country impossible to beat.

Today's announcement, the first world is over, we have reached our tipping point, we will go down hill from now on until we no longer exist. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham October 17, 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

Spend a few months working in Australia, here is my opinion on how do find a job in Australia.

If we was hitchhiking from Maine to California in the 1950's, we would get our friend to take us to "Route 66," and drop us off airlines are the same, where is the best place to start our journey, where is the path of least resistance?

Thursday morning October 11, 2018 I experience a moment that stopped me, not sure what to say, it was a moment to remember. It was a blessing.

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