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June 2020 protesters want the police defunded, George Orwell's book, 1984 is being lived in the year 2020, and nobody is brave enough to say, 2 + 2 does not equal 5...

Freedom can be defined. However, I am not sure humans can tolerate freedom can we accept a world where there is no rules?

Easy method, eat only safe foods. The elimination diet needs to be done by every person, and I do mean all people. Why? Because every person has small alergies to foods type of foods that cause inflammation, and the removal from our diet can make our life 10 times better.

Developers, coders, techs are super prone to their addiction to the allure of :Baffling Brilliant Bullshit..." Addicted to their bias to be happy, they can say, "I figured out the configurations."

We all are 100 percent responsible for our thoughts, and actions. It is impossible to control a persons thoughts, and you need a gun to control their actions.

How to not win friends, and fail to influence people -- start out any conversation with a goal of being a good person, or happy. It feels, appears to me, that people are traumatized, my guess is from Mothers, Fathers, and school teachers you can't tell me what to do!

There has never been easier decision, to have serenity, I must accept that I cannot change anything about this Covid-19 virus, we can be adult, and accept that which we cannot change.

The idea of leaving, deserting my family, my friends, my social groups is repulsive it took years to form them, I refuse to desert, leave, or abandom them, no martter how much they annoy me, I am a member in good standing.

Hobotraveler.com (HT) will help those people who wish to travel the world for one year, making room for other people who need the work - people who have children, house payments and debt.

What to do when my ride from airport, to hotel does not arrive? What to do, when the hotel cancels my reservation the day I arrive? What to do, when my tour guide has a heart attack? What to do... BATS - Best Alternative to Today Solution I have a back up plan.

The French revolution started, because they were tired of being a nothing, they wanted to be a something.

This is funny, I first wrote about CNN on Travel Blog in 2003, while in the country of Iraq, that CNN is a joke, the company does not have any values, or morals. Well, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Andy Lee Graham agree, how doe CNN stay in business? CNN works for the devil.

I truly enjoy watching Donald Trump in action it like a big spider catching flies, he lays down his nets, and the foolish flies fly right in, get captured, and Mr. President eat them.

I cannot find a way around this virus, to be free, to go walkabout, wander the planet, do my nomad thing, I must allow myself to get the Coronavirus, Covid-19, recover then I will be free to travel the world again. I must get 2-3 labs to sign off, Andy is not contagious.

Amazing advice, I just cannot talk enough about stocks, investing, and strategies.

This is personal to me, each travel film is prioritized. There is a spiritual experience, a higher intellectual understanding, and personal emotional movement. I am Andy Lee Graham, 22 years of non-stop world travel, and many ways, the film, "The Razors Edge" defines my

If we refuse to suffer discomfort, if we refuse to accept pain, then we also refuse to love, the measure of our love is how much suffering we endure to define our love.

Eric Berg explains what happens with alternate fasting what happens to me when I fast for 33 hours? Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Learning to cope with unpredictable situation is the art of travel.

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