Time is one a luxury of life we chase, and only by surrendering do we win. What a strange way of conquering one's life, by stopping: It is not true.

Amber Rae explains when we dream, and we have the right to be unreasonable, to pursue our passions, to be unreasonable in the pursuit of adventure.

If we think about it, if we think about emails, we often can be heard saying, he did not return my email? Why? It was quid pro quo ...

In four videos, Drs. Gottman wisely explain winning and losing, respect and contempt in relationships, with profound examples we all can understand.

In a "TED Talk," Sean Ogle explains "The Future Of The American Dream." I believe he qualifies as a "A Life Without Border."

Did you know, there are humans brain the same as computers? Each day their brain reboots, purges the cache, and cleans their brain of temporary memory.

It seems to be a good goal to remove the "I" from my words and use the word, "We," often so that WE can all dream together. What good fun!

Travel writing and travel writers are a mysterious bunch. I sometimes call myself a travel writer, but then duck for fear of getting hit upside the head.

Rick Sammon's,video a professional photographer showing the top 10 ways to take the best photos.

American Dream Fails the Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev Brothers - Politics

You can turn your hobbies into web sites, and earning money for perpetual travel, and if nothing else, never work a day in your life.

90 percent of the Hotels on the planet do not provide drinking cups, a glass or a way to have a cup of coffee. Video guidelines on how to choose your cup.

Rogue Travelers of the planet, I am giving notice, Kara, Togo is Expat Heaven, it is time to come, before everyone has has "The Map."

Here is a video showing how I point the camera at myself, then zoom in on the people behind me, a GREAT tip. Real Culture not altered by camera.

Want to know who you are? Do you want to know your hobbies? Simple, stop working 9-5 and give yourself enough time, what you do all day is who you are...

This is an evolving list of word in English, you can add word in the comments. The words we need to learn in other languages about taxis.

Why do foreign language tutorials teach me short list of words on subjects, when in reality we need every possible combination of foreign language words?

It is barbaric to destroy the culture of education, knowledge, and understanding by the willful wholesale destruction of culture in the name of money.

Un film de Steven Af - The story of the gentlemen's agreement to look the other way, the brutal realities that are compounded daily in Africa.

This is my dream travel job, I could travel from country to country, and stay in Hotels that really care to become the best Hotel, and less lip service.