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Owning my Life Free and Clear

When I pay for laundry, I do not own my life free and clear, because I agree to follow a social contract that says,
"Foreigners have their laundry done."

However, my laundry cost more than one days Hotel room, this is proportionally economically wrong, I am following the wrong examples.

Using the laundry in Panajachel, Guatemala has create economic turmoil in my life, every time I pay for my laundry I feel guilty.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 17, 2010
By Andy Graham of


It does not help the prices are impossible to understand,

Then, they put the laundry in an ecologically green plastic bag, and then increase the carbon footprint by tying clothes into small bundles with ribbons, this marketing crap frustrates me, I do not want to be sold down the river, come on, learn the word "congruent."

Generally, foreigners around Lake Atitlan do nothing all day, they occupy themselves by spending money shopping, doing massage, yoga, meditation, drinking or smoking dope.

Spending this money when you have a job rather makes sense…

If I am paid 20 dollars per hour.
I pay 10 dollars for laundry, I net and extra 10, but if I was paid 7 dollars an hour, I would lose 3 dollars.

I do not work, therefore I lose 10, I want to live my life free and clear, I do not my budget enmeshed with shopaholics. A person needs to be careful; going along with the crowd is always the wrong investment.

Owning my Life Free and Clear


Chuck, tell us your version of what is happening in Thaiand.

Or, send to me, and I will post on the Blog.

Thanks Andy


I continue to travel and work very little and the tourist that pay tourist prices live a little and need to go home and work.

You are right, they can live a little.