Osama Bin Laden Photos I Stole Travel Tip

Osama bin Laden the al-Qaeda leader claims responsibility for Detroit underwear bomber.

I think it is safe to steal photos of Osama Bin Laden… original work is automatically copyrighted, so there is always the danger you get sued for using a photo without permission on your travel site.

Is Osama going to sue me? You must ask yourself, who is going to sue me for stealing this photo from an internet page. I suspect it was stolen also, borrowed, taken, misappropriated, etc.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, January 24, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Damages of Stealing Photos
I was talking with James yesterday, an Attorney in New York City, we was discussing the amount of damages I could extract from Wikipedia.org when they steal photos. A person wanting to post a photo on Wikipedia.org one time wrote me,
“Can I use a photo?”
I said,
“Yes, and will try to tell the 100’s others that did not ask permission hello.”

If I stole a photo, there could be a civil suit brought against me, the Judge would decide how much I made from using the photo, and could give punitive damages I believe. I figure, I make 80 cents per year for each Travel Post written, so maybe I would owe Osama Bin Laden five dollars.

In a way, it could be good to outrageously steal photos; Murdoch or some huge newspaper could sue me. The publicity alone would be ten times more valuable than the punishment.

Stealing HoboTraveler.com Photos
I have been sane about this ever since I took my first photo and put on the internet. I accepted, it is not possible to stop, so just give the people permission to use the photos. Then hope they obey the rules.

More or less, you can use most anything; just make a functional link back to my site.

Permission to use photos for Free

Where I take Photos from:
1. Wikipedia.org without remorse --- Thanks Wiki for being the first…
2. US Government Sites
3. Other Government Sites
4. Emails sent to me

This whole situation is a mess; there is no fair play or justice. I see some truly great photos on Travel Sites, I know there is nobody on the staff who even travels, I think to myself,
“Where did they get the photos?”
I know.

Making Money on Hobo
This post is a brazen effort on my part, to hop on traffic to the stories that will appear today about Osama Bin Laden, saying that he is behind the Christmas Day underwear bomber. Then throw in a little photo writing education, double my earnings.

“Osama bin Laden tape: al-Qaeda leader claims responsibility for Detroit terror attack
Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, has released a new voice recording claiming responsibility for the Christmas Day attempt by underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner. “

Osama Bin Laden Photos I Stole Travel Tip