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Oops I Maybe I Work More Than 4-Hours

I purchased the book "The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss," from to read on my Kindle PC, I do NOT own a Kindle, and I read on my computer. Well, that did not work, so I went to the Torrent Systems and downloaded a PDF file of the book so I could work.

Is this work, it needed to be done?

Guatemala has this trend; they are using people dressed up like characters to advertise, I enjoy this type of advertising more than their Tigo Cell phone vans with incredibly noisy loudspeaker systems.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 31, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Have to Work
I am calling up tons of people using and asking their opinions, I am working on this book and I know the more opinions I have, the more confusion I am able to work on, and the more clarifications I can explain.

I think I am doing something almost the same as Timothy Ferris in the 4-Hour workweek, so I decided; I need to read his book. Nevertheless, I have got many opinions and here was a dialog.

I would like to talk to you about the 4-hour workweek and my book I am writing
Hey Andy. When would be a good time?
I do not work... hehehe
When you can?
James: I will be home later this morning and I can call via Skype.

Ironic Conversations
Almost everyone I respect and has read this book is probably works too much, they all love the book and I am sitting here writing this post thinking. (I have not talked to James yet...)

"Gee, I am 100 percent sure this book has some great ideas."
For example:

The New Rich: (Defined by Timothy Ferris)
"The New Rich (NR) are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility."

Ok, I admit, I have an over-abundance of time and mobility; I must be the "Super Rich."

Ok, I lie, can I really say reading a book is work? I think in reality, I cannot remember the last time I worked, I cannot remember the last time I did something I did not want to do.

I mean, work could be defined as doing something we do not want to do, and everything we want to do is fun, hobbies, projects, enjoyable pastimes or luxury.

I have been having this truly cathartic moment, I have slowly realized, I sort of enjoy washing my clothes, I enjoy doing small things around my room, even though I can easily afford to pay to have my clothes cleaned, it is enjoyable, what is not enjoyable to me is getting bad values. I enjoy doing well at things, I enjoy buying well.

Talking with these many people on Skype, I also realized, oops, I have this secret life, because the name of this site is "Hobo," I leave out my luxury, I do not talk about it, I hide it, then I get sort of angry when people think I live like a pig, but I never truly explain how I live. Well, that is going to change, I am going to stop pretending I am living like a Hobo. This is the joke of writing this book, I realized I went out truly believing I was going to be poor traveler, and really, I have become part of the "Super Rich." Hmm, I would get an ugly feeling calling this the "New Rich" with the (NR) thing for trendy ideas. There are 1000’s of people doing what I do, I am for sure not the new one to figure out how to live this (NR) lifestyle, there is nothing new about it, there are tons of ex-draft dodgers from the Vietnam war here, that never stopped.

Ok, what is real, I have learned how to make money, and not work. I mean, I make money and never do something I do not want to do, or something like that.

I am trudging my way through this book, I am on page 17, I am not going to give my true feeling or opinions, this is one of them books, where maybe you should read, I do not think it can hurt you. I am sure I will harvest some good idea, but then again, this is work for me.

Oops I Maybe I Work More Than 4-Hours


I made it to page 32, I have to take a break and watch a movie. I already took a break to walk around along the side of Lake Atitlan after this big storm.

Remember this for Photos: After is rains BIG, the sky is clear, and good for photos.

I think the first 32 pages explains the concept of passive income. I think he was receiving residual or passive income from his vitamin supplement business.

Think and Grow rich is along the same lines so far, but Timothy has good stories and is easy reading.

I am for sure the "ultra super rich" in his semantics.


I think I am writing a book to people who want to quit their jobs, or just take time to think it over, maybe a way to force the epiphany to happen.


I think Chuck is qualified to be the NR - New Rich as described in the book. I know he is mobile and has a lot of time.

I suspect their are two perspectives:
1. People who are living outside their home country.
2. The people who want to live outside.