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Online Advertising at the Edges of the Web

2010-03-30 06:56:59

If you asked me, who are the best travelers, I would tell you the truth and not cliché explanations.

1. Oil Workers - They have tons of money.
2. Military Soldiers - The governments pays their way.
3. Traveling Salespeople - Because their business pays for it.
4. Missionaries - Their Church pays their way
5. Retired Ex-Hippies - Their retirement Pension pays, and they are braver.
6. Special Reason Travelers

- Their passion or love pays for it.

Fishing in Israel, this is one of them special reasons to travel, and online advertising is needed for these Edges of the Web topics.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, March 30, 2010
By Andy Graham of


People Travel for Many Reasons
Boy Genius from India told me the other day,
"The reason does well is because we have topics at the Edge of the Web." is a directory; it allows free online advertising for strange and exotic topics like Fishing in Israel. The website above submitted his or her site on this page of today:
Fishing in Israel

As many types of Travel as Types of People
I realized there were thousands if not millions or reasons to travel; I made this page on the type of Travel over 10 years ago.
List of Types of Travelers

Needleless Acupuncture in Panajachel Guatemala
Presently one of the fashionable activities in Pana is "Needless Acupuncture." When my friend Linda told me about this, my first thought was.
"Hmm, where would theses people submit their web sites?"

Maybe under Health…?

I said to myself, the new project of Boy Genius and me will allow me to add these new topics quickly and painlessness on my part.
Maybe I will soon add:
"Needleless Acupuncture in Guatemala."

Then a few of the fashionable Teishin Web Sites from Lake Atitlan or Panajachel would be able to submit their sites. My readers would be able to find this at the "Edge of the Web" type of travel sites from Pana like:

James Easter
Christian Nix
Jennifer Martin

Travel Guides
If you read about travel too long as I have, you will eventually learn that travel writers have this desire in-the-back-of-their-heads to write travel guides. They will start to list out all the categories.

Tourist Attractions
Boring, boring and boring, and I hope this does not describe me.

I guess the same happened to me; however, I have focused on allowing exotic web sites at the edge of the web to do online advertising. This is my secret to travel, I seldom go after the cliché travel topics, and I try to explain the edges of the web topics.

Online Advertising at the Edges of the Web