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Offshore Working is Fun in Sosua Dominican Republic

I am having good fun working here in Sosua; generally working on my site in most countries is torture. Maybe, I need to go the Internet café three times per day, maybe there is no Internet café except in the major cities.

However, to work offshore here Sosua, Dominican Republic is maybe one the best places on the planet. A person can deboard the airplane without a Hotel reservation and find a room by the month for less than 600 dollars per month, if you are clever like me, you can live in this offshore work apartment for less than 250 per month.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I have zero desire to own real estate; I think the real estate own the person, not the other way around. What I want is a kitchen, maybe AC, and Internet in my room; well for sure, Sosua is one of the easiest on the planet.

Hmm, Sosua is the only place on the planet I know of in my last 13 years that is east to rent an apartment for a month cheap, simple, and fast.

I can rent a room in many place, but the studio apartment, stove, fridge is easy here, while generally not possible in most places at reasonable prices.

I think there are more jobs evolving everyday that allows a person to work remotely. If you do not need to go to the office daily, maybe not for a month, you could spend a month here cheaper than you can in the USA or Europe.

That is truly a no-brainer, yes, there are some crooks here, and some strange folk, but I right on the ocean an my monthly expenses is lower than 400 USD, even if you do everything wrong, the worst it would be 1200 USD. I am sure many a man will come here and buy girls, and drink 2000 USD, but that is up to you, that is you, not me.

Offshore investments are best understood when you go offshore, stop trying to say you understand the world, just come travel the world.

Offshore Working is Fun in Sosua Dominican Republic