Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip

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Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip
I have a lightweight jacket in my Travelers Bag, I call it a Windbreaker, it is made of 100 percent nylon.

I carry a daypack that contains my camera constantly, when I wear the nylon jacket I am uncomfortable, the backpack continually slips off the shoulders.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Friday, May 15, 2009


When choosing a jacket and backpack, pay attention to the types of materials Ask yourself,
“Does this material slip?”

If it does slip the shoulder straps will continually slip off your shoulders.

I continue to carry this lightweight jacket, it is small enough to fold up and put inside the camera bag. I am a tropics traveler, if for some reason I was above or below 23.5 degrees of the equator for long periods of time; I would start searching for a better jacket.

Nylon Jackets for Backpacks Travel Tip

Motorcycle Bob

Sew or glue a sticky rubber to the shoulder strap of your pack. There is a rubber they sometimes put on shelves in kitchens that works. other options might be to smear some RTV (silicone adhesive) on the straps.

Then, it wont matter what you are wearing.

Bob L


Have you thought about going in a sewing store and buying velcro? Attach a piece to your jacket and put the other piece on the strap of the camara, when you walk around it will stay put. When you need it, it pulls off very easily.

My now 27-year-old Domke photographer jacket has a thin strip of rough material on the top of each shoulder -- which keeps bag straps from slipping off of the shoulder. An earlier post mentioned Velcro all you would need is one part of the pair of Velcro strips -- perhaps the loop part of the pair -- just the something that has enough roughness to keep the strap from slipping. Again, a very thin strip is all that is needed.

Motorcycle Bob

The old military jackets had big buttons sewn on the shoulders. They also came with flaps that could hold gloves and hats and things, but the buttons were there mainly, I think, to hold the straps of the various bags that would be carried.

Bob L


I believe deltoid excercise would help.

I am thinking about the rubber and button solutions.