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Nyahururu Kenya

2009-04-10 07:20:41

Nyahururu Kenya
I spent last night in Nyahururu, Kenya, a small village on a higher elevation of Kenya. It was supposed to be 2500 meters above sea level, after it goes above 1700 meters the nights become a little too cold for comfort, however the days are normally ok. Kenya is dry, therefore rather nice, if the climate was wet, it can be rather miserable. This is the same altitude as Quito, Ecuador, or Cusco, Peru, however truly warmer than those two cities.

Nyahururu, Kenya
East Africa
Friday, April 10, 2009

This map shows my travel path West towards Uganda, I will go down the mountain today towards Nakuru and spend the night. Ever since leaving Isiolo, the land as turned from brush covered desert to rolling hills covered with wheat and other crops. There is not a lot of water, more a dry climate, similar to large stretches of Northern Texas, USA, or maybe dry parts of California irrigated, however not irrigated here. It is nice, however nothing to write home about, and for sure not a place that I will remember.

I stayed in the Safari Hotel in Nyahururu Kenya, a grand name, however truly has nothing to do with Safaris unless you call this sheep tied to the sign related to Safaris. On the other hand, maybe, there was no water in this Hotel, except from 7 until 11 pm maybe, and in the early morning. I guess they shut if off, so if you went on Safari, there would probably be problems with water, so there is some relevance.

I later left on a bus and a woman on the bus told me that Nyahururu, Kenya had no problem with water, and this was probably just a way to keep people from staying too long. More or less the Hotel in Nyahururu, Kenya are transit Hotels, for sure, they are not Safari Hotels.

I notice many sausage carts in the streets, as I understand there is a meat packing plant here in the city, and everywhere I went they was selling sausage. I am brave, I am adventurous, but to eat a sausage in Kenya is suicidal.

Nyahururu Kenya

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