Normal English Books for Sale in Takoradi Ghana

Normal English Books for Sale in Takoradi Ghana

Perpetual Travelers have two choices, they can read books, or then can become alcoholics; there are very few other simple options to stay busy that work in any country.

If you want to buy and read a John Grisham book in West Africa, then finding one of these writers’ books is close to impossible. I am excited to find this spot on the sidewalk of Takoradi, Ghana to buy books. There are so few peaceful ways for me to entertain myself in West Africa, and it is easy to lose the plot. You can find Christian and self-help books in Ghana; however, it is horribly difficult to find a normal fun book to read. The other bookstore is in central Accra at I think called the Methodist bookstore, these two places are to buy USED books, not new books. The cost of used books on the planet averages around three dollars.

You can buy books at this on-the-sidewalk sales location; it is located next to the Post Office om Takoradi, that is on the road that circles the large city market.

Takoradi, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have a 500 Meg Hard Drive; I copied 250 movies from Torrents while I was in Guatemala and brought with me, this gave me about three months worth of stop-from-going-crazy diversion. I also have about 100 E-books, and if I wanted I could buy more from, those Amazon books cost about 12 dollars, which is 10 dollars more than I feel I need to pay for reading books.

Note, selling hard drives with about 200-500 movies to Expats is one way to finance you travels.

I do not consider a Hotel proper until it has about 100-200 used books in English in a library.

Bah Bah Black Sheep

Bah is coming from Cote d’Ivoire tomorrow, formerly known as Cynthia. She introduced herself as Cynthia; it is going to take work to change my brain. Bah is her village name or the local language name. I do not like it when they give people new French, English or Christian names, even though Cynthia is here legal name, she is now Bah.

My mother named me ‘Andy Lee Graham," my name is NOT Andrew, and it would be disrespectful to my Mother and Father to call myself, "Andrew." There are people who try to leave their roots, try to forget what made them what they are today.

Well, I am proud to travel with Bah, she is worth every frustration.

Video I Showed Bah
21 Million views, this should maybe tell me what type of videos to make, something about music and something about play.

Women are Not the Enemy
I love women, I adore women, and I want to put them on a pedestal high enough to look up their dress.
--- Up the dress part was stolen form Steve Martin the comedian.

My male friends often speak in a tone of,
"Girls do this."
I sometimes say,
"So do men."

Love is the best thing ever invented, I will still blame Eve for giving Adam the apple, but so be it, life goes on. I am never sure why men or women makes long list of rules. I was in the van the other day listening to Ghana educated students state all the things required of a boyfriend or girlfriend, I interrupted the truly bad Ghana English and said,
"I think we need one rule, you do not screw other people."
After that, I am sure the girl or boy will mess up continuously, and this is normal.

West Africa is the champion of religious rules being introduced into a relationship. These comments help me to gain traction, I turn and walk away, I will say,
"I am going to date you, not your Preacher."
"Plus, I do not think he can read."
"He makes it up as he goes."

I have never married, and I attribute it to this main reason, I have been hurt many times. Each time I was hurt, I made another rule, well after 55 years the list is too long, no women can make it past the list of rules book. Every women, every girl, every kind person will surely violate one of my ever growing list of rules.

My only hope for marriage is to have one rule, and learn to look the other way, forget and forgive as fast as possible. I should never be in the micromanagement business of relationships. I need to stop the rules thing, I need to throw away my list of rules.

Love Blog
I believe Facebook is popular for one reason; it is a way for men and women to meet, to find love and intimacy in a safe way. I do not get on Facebook often, but I do believe the goal of seeking love and intimacy as number one priority for humans.
(Note, this may be their only form of steady monetization, dating sites, I do not believe the site monetizes properly.)

I have thought about this for years, 12 years and 10 months to be exact. Ever since I started to travel, I have realized that travelers; both men and women hook up a lot. I mean continuously, after shopping, and drinking then comes Love. --- or the S --- E --- X thing as a HUGE reason why people travel, I like cultures and how people work as a reason to travel, but I am the weird one out,

1. Shopping
2. Beer and Booze
3. Love

Tourist Attractions, Beaches and other destinations are just excuses to go Shop, Drink and find love relations and to talk these people into doing other things.

I have a new love Blog, the USA is bloody simple for nice girls, yes, you can meet some nutty controlling women in the USA, but it is close to impossible to meet a "Working Woman." Outside the USA, it feels like that is the first person who comes close to me is wanting me to buy.

Well, I know there are many men in the USA who have given up on American Women, and this is both good and bad. Whatever the reasons, I do not care, but if you are out and about looking for love overseas, and you want normal heterosexual love, you may want to follow along on the new love Blog I have made.

Note, we have 200 new Blogs, not only love, click on the index of Hobo and drill down to your category and choose one, I write on all 200 and am soliciting writers to help.

From my experience and observation, the men who leave the USA looking for women need to learn how to avoid the bad girls. It is weird, desperate men will bite on the first piece of bait put near them, and the next thing you know, they marry a bar girl. One in 1000 girls is a bar girl on the planet, there is no reason to import them to the USA or Europe.

Therefore, how to avoid all the bad girls is a big topic on the love Blog, then after ways to find nice girls like Bah.

Example of a type of post I could write, here in Ghana, many beautiful and gorgeous girls instantly talk about taking them to the USA. Gong, this is a sure sign you are talking to the wrong girl, it is ok for them to want to go the USA, but not in the first sentence.

Instant talk about give me Money and Travel to the USA are instant reason to think twice about your new friendship, try to not look at her, keep the brain working. For many men, they may have their first girlfriend overseas, this is an intoxicating experience, take care.

Many people assume Bah wants to go the USA, this is truly sad way of viewing he world, like the word is in love with the USA. I do not think she wants to live in the USA; I think she wants to live in Ivory Coast. Well, she never brings up the USA, so you can see; it is not a prevalent issue, I am not sure. She has invited me, even demanded I come visit her mother in Ivory Coast, I said it is dangerous right now, and can she wait… hehehe

Men use money and a trip to the USA to juice the wheels, and guess what, it is a simple way to buy a girl, but you do not need to buy, there are nice girls who want you nerds, even a nerd can find love overseas.

Please, I beg you this is only a guide, a way to meet nice girls, no secret agendas. Well, sorry girls, I am not going to write to help you women find men, maybe some women can write post and I will be happy to publish on the page for you.

Please be adult and normal, mature enough to respect that family is important, that your family, parents, and sisters and brothers all started with a small flirt, a smile and a sense of acceptance. I am intolerant of all you crazies that exist on the internet, this is only for people who like normal and nice women similar to me, and I do not care about the rest of you, go find your own way.


Let me think, I have only a 90 percent chance Bah shows up in Elubo, but that is good enough odds for me to travel across the country of Ghana. I am always amazed when people when people strive to have a relationship that is guaranteed, it is not possible. You can take them hostage, marry them and they will still escape. Note, realize I did a lot of work, if you are lazy, you will only get what you deserve in life.

There is a girl for all nerds on planet earth, I am sure.

Normal English Books for Sale in Takoradi Ghana