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Today I joined a travel social network, one of the questions was,
“How I like to travel?”

I had two choices that were close, I could check Adventure Travel or I could check Nomad. I final decided to check Nomad even though I now the word way over the edge cliché and for 99 percent of people who check just pure bullshit. Then, I have checked the word Adventure, this also makes me nervous. My definition of Adventure Travel is when a person goes somewhere or does something that can kill them. Normally the place that people get angry when you talk about.

When I say to friends, I am going to Africa, they get angry, they often instantly say,
“I would never go there.”

I often will say,
“This is ok, you do not have to go. I am the one going, you can stay home.”

I wish Africa was dangerous enough to call an adventure, I am thinking Detroit, Michigan would be an easy adventure destination.

A Nomad is a person that wanders from place to place, this is easy to say, and money normally stops this, I instantly have mistrust for anyone who tells me they are Nomad. I just check this off when I joined the social network, maybe I do not trust myself. I am sure going to take a skeptical introspective moment, this is the moment folks.

Well, I am going to use it today, I feel a sense of relief because I am allowing readers to choose where I go. I can honestly say,
“I am wandering the planet.”

I have residual money earned from this website that is sufficient to go to any country. I am not in control of my destinations, I am indeed going to wander, and also wonder where I am going.

I think the word Nomad is a cliché, but I suppose it now will pass my personal level of honest inspection. I am becoming a Nomad, I am happy to relieve “Planning Pressure,” to allow readers to decide is less stress. Too much freedom is beyond the powers of a normal man to accept, they search for routine, they want a boss. Making choices is work, I truly do not like to make choices, I just like to go, it would be incredible if I never thought about money.

Retired people on pensions can wander the planet, they have a never-ending supply of money. When I read another travel who call themselves a Nomad or a Wanderer, I think to myself,
“I wonder when they run out of money, I wonder when they will stop wandering?”

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, September 26, 2009

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I am a recovering alcoholic, I am mentally ill, I stopped being a drunk 22 plus years ago, I am in remission. I am able to stay sober because I developed a regime of being rigorously honest.

Bottom line,
“I say what I am gong to do, and do what I say.”

That is truly a torturous comment, trust me, I can only achieve that about 90 percent of the time, most just get drunk to relieve the guilt and stay that way, it is easier than being honest. Medicate the guilt, this is our world.

Bottom line,
“I am who I say I am, whether real or unreal.”

If I tell you I am a bad guy, I am a bad guy, if I tell you I am a good guy, I am a good guy. A person stops to function when they say they are a Nomad and they know it is a lie.

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Mom, I tried to vote for Scotland but did not see it so I voted for Ireland. You might find some relation there if you really searched. You were born liking a challenge so why not find if you are part of the blarney BUT no drinking please.