No Waitress Service Saves Money

Normally, the waitress services the tables in the majority of restaurants on the planet. I have encountered two rather popular restaurants in the last two months where the waitresses seldom come and provide table service for me. Therefore, I am never required to order food or drinks; this saves a lot of money.

Comericial El Dorado in Panajachel, Guatemala, however I call it the Dinosaur Café because of the steel Dinosaur Skeleton in front.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Rocky’s in Sosua, Dominican Republic, another Expat hangout, and very popular.

I do not know any clear reason, but I am positive in both these coffee and restaurants shops a person can sit for hours and the server will never come to assist you. At first, it annoyed me, as I was expecting waitress service at the table, after a couple of weeks I was grateful. I finally reconcile, if they do not care about me, I do not care to buy.

Generally, I just stopped in to say hello my new acquaintances in these cities, and really had not desire to drink the coffee or eat the tourist grade food.

No Waitress Service Saves Money


There seems to be a difference between Americans, Europeans and other foreigners when it comes to this type of restaurant and the lack of service. Americans expect to be waited on in a prompt manner and become frustrated when ignored and the others are content to sit down and hang out for free while waiting for a waitress. Or in many cases have their own water bottle and snacks which they consume while while waiting. Americans also tip more than any other nation for being served in a timely and friendly manner.