No-see-ums Noseeums Attack in Dominican Republic

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Eight solutions to No See Um listed below, these little insects I cannot see are leaving welts on my body. This is not an annoyance, it is full-fledged problem. They attack just before and after sunrise or sunset, this means the boys who sleep to noon are in better shape than I am. I am never clear why, but they like my ankles, this DR variety will also go for my love handles.

These no-see-ums are attacking in full strength before I have time to apply insect repellant. I wake up around 4:00 to 5:00 am according to country, jet lag, diurnal sun adjustments, how late I stay up and all other reason: anyway I do it, I wake up about seven hours after I fall down.

Note: I paid a model above for this photo; I actually have a six-pack abdominal section, but need to keep the groupies to a minimum and do not show my photo. There is a traveler code, we need to help other travelers along the path, we make sacrifices, and I have my dues paid for the next 100 years.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, January 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I had the same problem in Haiti, but it was drier, it has rained everyday for a week here in Sosua. I so nor talk about weather much, I cannot control it, I must accept it. Again, I think it is possible I am in small eco-system that has more rain than other areas, this is not the same as Haiti, and it is wet in Sosua, DR.

Noseeum or No-see-ums, who really knows what they look like, I cannot see them.

No See Ums


1. Stay in bed until about 1-2 hours after sunrise.
2. Go in an air-conditioned apartment one hour before sunset.
3. Wear long pants, socks, making sure, that you get out of bed you are dressed for winter, even though you are in the tropics.
4. Put on this full strength insect repellent with DEET as you get out of bed.
5. Sleep in a mosquito net.
6. Spray down the room with Arabic style mosquito spray, this stuff will kill everything. I know I can buy it in Togo, West Africa.
7. Do not sit in an open air bar watching the sunset.
8. Stay so drunk, you do not feel the welt, and it goes away before you sober up.

The solution is insect repellant, if you can apply before they bite you. The Haiti - Dominican Republic version of no-see-ums is especially nasty. I am now worried about dying from toxins in the Deet, this crap will remove glue from a tabletop.

I think if you stopped the rain, it would also stop the no-see-ums.

Malaria Theory
I have a theory, I believe people who belly up to the bar in tropical areas contract Malaria more than people who do not drink. Insects are always a problem an hour before and after sunrise or sunset.

No-see-ums Noseeums Attack in Dominican Republic

San Antonio Cicily

Carry Benadryl Anti Itch Cream, and this will make the stinging and itching stop. The only way to avoid them is to stay inside and out of their way like you said! If your hotel has an air conditioner crank it down to 65 and put some warm clothes on. These are tropical bugs and my guess is that they will go away at that temperature. I do this in the summer time and it works for me. How much did you pay the model I could really use a stand in for my photos too :) See now this is why I never post pics of myself-too many men emailing me! I get sooo tired of that lol!

Motorcycle Bob

Might be what is often called sand fleas, although I think there are so many of these kinds of bugs a name doesn't matter. Sand fleas absolutely love me, as do most biting insects. And I react really strongly.

There are two less toxic solutions people have told me about but I have not tried yet.

One is Avon Skin So Soft, although I think it is actually the baby oil (mineral oil) that does the trick. I guess the bugs just stick to the oil, I don't know.

The other is Tiger Balm, which is an ointment something like Ben-Gay. I would think you could use any of the strong smelling muscle ointments. The only negatives are that they smell very strong, and if you get it on your hands you could transfer to your eyes, which can REALLY sting.

Try them out, I would love to know if they work.


Yes, I have been feasted on by the no-see-ems on a variety of occasions. The worst was at Tikal, Guatemala. I had a really tough time healing these bites. I had to use Benadryl Extra Strength anti histamine itch cream to get rid of them.

Here are the photos and the story

To add a note about Bob's comment above: peeing right after applying tiger balm is not a good idea.



We also used mineral oil for noseeums/sand flies on Isla Utila in Honduras which were not phased by repellents. They land and suffocate on your oiled body double's carapace. We also mixed mineral oil with oil of citronella. They are so small they easily pass through window screens. The have a season and disappear in several weeks by the time you'd be covered in welts.


I half solved the problem, I put a fan in the window pushing the air out. I think this dried the humidity up in the room and stopped them. I also sprayed the room with insecticide a couple of times.