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No Free Breakfast for Budget Traveler

No Free Hotel Breakfast for Budget Traveler
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There are many reasons a Tourist Hotel is wise to give a free breakfast, however for the budget traveler it often cost extra money. You need to determine, is the Hotel trying to add extra benefits, or more moneymakers.

Mubende, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is free breakfast in Sussy Hotel in Siaya, Kenya, note there is a large Sausage Factory in Nyahururu, Kenya, therefore the Sausage.

When entering a Hotel that includes a Free Breakfast, I often ask
“What is included in the Breakfast?”
“How much is the room without the breakfast?”

Kenya and Uganda, Africa are countries that often include free breakfast and generally a good one that includes eggs, coffee and toast, not the South American bread and jam insult.

I walked around in the city of Mubende, Uganda trying to find a room.

Homeland Hotel - 15,000 no shower in room and noisy music speaker.
Nakayima Hotel - 25,000 with shower and free breakfast.

This seems easy enough, however the noisy speaker was too much, I knew there was no way to sleep or relax and read a book in this hotel. I returned to the Nakayima to look at the room again.
“How much is the room?”
“How much is room without breakfast?”

(3 Dollars for a shower in the room, this is deal, I can heat the water and have a hot water dip bath, the shower here are not hot, it is 1250 Meters above sea level.)

I can easily purchase a good breakfast in Uganda for 2500 shillings, therefore any way I do it, and the breakfast is costing me extra money.

Moreover, the truth is, the world eats too much, I am part of the world, therefore I eat too much, and free breakfast is just another excuse.

If I was willing to pay in advance, stay for 5 days, I believe I would get the room for 15,000 Shillings. It is best to make the long-term negotiate prices after a night or two in the Hotel; you never know what problems you will encounter until after the first night or so.

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No Free Hotel Breakfast for Budget Traveler