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Nightstand Lamp Made from 7up Bottle

I read one to two books per week; I spend about two hours per day lying in my hotel bed reading a book. I found a great way to hold my Travelers Reading Light; this is one of the best, because raises the reading light high enough for proper lighting.

Wow, September 17, 2000, almost 10 years ago I first wrote about how to make a reading light.
Andy's Travel Tips Peru Sept 17 2000

Photos of Travel Lamps
Here is a great link, I was using a Casio Camera that cost 400 USD, today the same quality camera would cost 25 Dollars, and be sold in a Dollar store. I need to add this travel tip to this page, but I just am not sure, too much new, with too much old.
Reading Light for Travel

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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This is my Apartment room in Sosua; there is one light in the center of the ceiling, as is the custom in room for 80 percent of the planet. I keep bottles of water next to my bed; I use them as weights for exercise. I was having trouble with my light, so I connected it to the top of one of the bottles.

I have a clip on light I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, it works great. However, the bent coat hanger system from my travel tip of 10 years ago works well also and easier to find. I will one-day sell this small clip on light on this web site, I consider it an essential ingredient of making a great travelers nest.

Maybe you will say to yourself,
"I do not drink soda pop."

Well, either do I, but there is always a neighbor that feels compelled, obligated, to buy large bottles of something. You can take a foreigner out of their country, but you cannot remove their country from the foreigner. I do not think of myself as a foreigner, I am not from the USA, I am not from Europe, I am one of the true Global Citizens the liberal no nothings talk about, but do not understand.

I often debate whether it is possible to visit all the countries on the planet without being a reader, I think a person who does not read would lose the plot and go crazy.

Nightstand Lamp Made from 7up Bottle



Do you have a strategy -- a routine -- for unpacking and repacking your bag at each stop? It would be good to hear it if you do, as you seem to make your room into a home rather than just living out of a bag.



This is almost exactly the same as a design i was thinking about recently to adapt my reading lamp to clip-on using a sprung test-tube holder ( Not sure where I put my test-tube holder, however.


Do I have a strategy for packing and un-packing?

First, let us think about the end goal.
"Set up my Travelers Nest."

Let us also assume, the traveler nest also included the neighborhood.
I need in neighborhood:
1. Super Market
2. Internet cafe or back up Internet.
3. Transportation close, Moto Conchos or Taxi etc.
4. Friendship conversations
5. Laundry

Inside room:
1. Lighting
2. Place to cook
3. Desk or table
4. Clothes Line
5 Electricity
6. Fan and window for ventilation

The first goal, the neighborhood is chosen first, I know you Wade, you are not lazy enough, you will walk too far looking for cheap, there is a compromise needed, find your Internet, laundry, friendship first, then the room. I study the maps from the LP for the obvious center of the backpacker universe.
- Here in Sosua it is Rockys Restaurant, which sadly is also the center of Boom Boom working girls.
- Beach is a factor here, but not not in all locations.

Inside the room strategy.
-Dump my bag
- Walk around in room for one hour until the bag is full.
I pile things into compartments

1. Bucket
2. Backpack Organizer
3. Front Pack
4. Big Backpack

I make the four pile or compartments, I separate and place on the bed.
After everything is in a pile, I then proceed to pack.
One missing thing caught in the sheets, under the bed, in the toilet can force me to unpack my bag.

Note, the simple solution and the reason why many people go super light is because they are so disorganized, they need to not carry anything to be happy. I try to carry more, but light, not to go super light.

How can a person be happy when they deny themselves of pleasure.

Super light travel to me is about a person who cannot solve problems, therefore they take the easy solution, they do not carry items.

We must avoid the temptation to have gadgets, just because they are cool.

I think I need to make a video, this compartment thing is not the logic people use. I also call it box theory. I do not micro file things, I box them up, this makes a smalller areas, but still is filed.