Niger Transportation in Cattle Car

Niger Transportation
Dosso Niger West Africa
Friday, October 6, 2006

I am 90 percent sure, I have gone from a fight for a Cattle Car Peugeot world of transportation to and I can buy a ticket and travel easy world. This is great; the poorer country is going to have the better transportation system. However, there is a lot less cities and easier to do I suppose. Cattle cars still exist, however, I had to buy a ticket in Gaya to get in the car, and then they did NOT pick up one person. It was a city-to-city car trip; everyone in the car went the distance. Like nobody was traveling only to the market and packed with junk.

This means I can travel very fast and get out Niger fast. On the Visa Entente tour, Niger is low on the needs to see list, the Turag culture is special an Agadez is special city on planet, nothing like a Camel market to let you know you are at the end of the world. I think though a person can easily do all of Niger in less than 5-10 days and not even work hard. I will be in Zinder on the second day in the country. I could be in Niamey then on the third of fourth if I was anal. I will hang around Zinder for at least 2 nights, then go to Niamey, find transportation to Burkina Faso and say goodbye. I know Niger from last year, not much to see in Niamey and full last time of, I do not want to think about NGOs because they make me angry. NGO Disaster Area is Niamey.

I can buzz over to Burkina Faso, say I was there, spend 5-10 days then go down into Ghana. I need to get another Ghana Visa in Niamey, I WISH I would have got the multiple entry visa. I will then wonder down into Ghana, maybe I go down Cote d’Ivoire, but the north is suppose to have some UN United Nations barrier or no mans land because of conflicts problems. I would rather go down Cote d’Ivoire, but Ghana is ok also, I will skip over to Ivory Coast probably to hook up with the Vatican in Ivory Coast.

I need to decide, do I fly to somewhere and come back. I really need a Satellite connection to travel in Africa like I do, I do not want to use, but if I did have one, I could not go to Agadez and hope a camel ride toward Mali or Mauritania or somewhere, and blog on the way.

I an if I want, really go to the desert, I am close to the Sahara, and at the end of the planet for LP, where the guidebooks stops.

Flying in and out of Africa is the problem, if I had a round trip ticket it would maybe be better, but not for me.

The bus leaves at 6:30 from Dosso Niger and arrives in Zinder about 4:30 in the afternoon. 2 hours later than I like, but I have been to Zinder before, so I know more or less how to travel. They had motorcycle taxis in Zinder the last time, this is excellent and cheap.

Niger Transportation