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Niger Photos in Zinder

2005-09-11 03:03:00

Niger Photos
Photos from the city of Zinder, Niger of the Mal-Nutrition.

This girl has flies all over her eyes, hard to think of what I am to do, should I swat them away, or should I take a photo, or should I encourage the mother to do so, the child does not seem to defend herself against the flies.

These are twins setting on the lap of the mother in the Red Cross Nutritional feeding center, they are not here to eat, there are here to eat the correct foods.

This baby is maybe what you call - Wasting - there is no meat on the bones, she is small, fragile.

A group of women and children waiting for something, I am not really sure what, however they are inside the compound of the Nutritional Feed Center, there is a huge problem with words here, very easy to mix you up and focus on the wrong idea. They are here because they did not eat balanced diets, full of fruits, vegetable and vitamins.

Some of the looks the children have are precious, I really like the children. I am sad here in this room though, me taking photos has excited the mothers, they all want me to take photos, and some of the children are being prodded to pose. The small ones do not understand and start to cry, however I have a choice, do I make the adults happy, or do I stop so the small children stop crying. I am not causing the problem directly, the mothers are so anxious for me to photograph them for many reasons, they know the children are why I am here, so that is good enough. They will set up the children to pose, this is pushy and the children are not happy. This one though is an interested child, curious and better. I tried my best to keep the mother from getting excited and pushy for the photos. I was at best only five minutes in this room, I had to leave for my own sense of respect, they are not here for a photo session no matter how many the adults want me take photos.

This is Lipto

I am not sure if the guy is saying Lipton, however it is Chi or Tea for sure, and the one friend or guard of the home I am in is addicted for sure, he sits around all day and all night drinking and offering this to me, it pretty good, I have yet to see the actual tea.

This may be my solution to internet anywhere in the world; the Doctors without Borders were downloading one said with MSN their emails from this BGAN machine. This seems to be the NGO and Doctors solution to fulfilling their personal need to keep in contact with their families.

Note the internet café here cost 1500 Niger Francs per hour, is very good, this is about 3 dollars per hour.

This made me personally feel good to see this Volkswagen Van with the decal or sticker saying
- Medecins Sans Frontieres -

This is a practical, cheap, efficient and normal type of transportation for Niger. I am not sure, I could be wrong, however, to me to understand the reasons for this problem we need to get closer to them not father away, we need to live as they live.

The argument though on the converse would be that they will only listen to the Chiefs or Bosses of the world, the Nassara maybe, so sometimes the other path is needed to sell them on what they need to do.

Ironic, I am photographing these vehicles, and a huge United Nations SUV passes and I take this photo.

Market in Zinder Niger, or a street with lots of people selling things.

This grasshopper or - Cricket - as the people of Niger call it may be a part of the problem, this big Locust or whatnot is also a food item for them, they eat, just like they need more protein in their diets.

The man with the good eyes.

I will have a closer photo of this man of 63 in my newsletter, he is a good guy and was the teacher of Rabi, I tried my best to say to him or explain to him about how I see his eyes as being good. I can then see his heart I say, he understands, as anyone that can see into the heart has the same ability.

We had a pretty long conversation about Cowboys, as he like Cowboy films with John Wayne.