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Niger Internet is Normal Now

The internet in Niger has been terrible for the last two days, however it is pretty normal or what I would expect for a place with new machine and new office.

I also brought my computer into the office to use as their machines seem low on memory and cannot function fast. I was able to publish all the photos to the internet and maybe I can pop out a quick newsletter before I leave for another city.

Maradi is suppose to be a big city, however on introspection I think this is only the place where there are many NGOs.

It is amazing that anyone could die in this country, I have never seen so many aid organizations in one spot in my life.

The must not being doing a very good job.

The girl that I am living with said that she has now worked for two years for the Organization that employs her, the home has been rented now for 10 years by this NGO or Non-governmental Organization.

Somebody is really dropping the ball.