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Newsletter from Grenada Caribbean Country and Photos

Newsletter from Grenada Caribbean Country

I have just finished up a lot of photos and lot of something in my newsletter, I suppose over 300 photos to view on pages made of Trinidad and St Georges, Grenada. I am sad to not have many beach photos of good scenery for my male friends. It is has been bleak so far, however some really excellent photos of Fort George.

I am trying to think, understand where I am going with this blog, newsletter and web site, I am earning enough money to live like a King of Hoboes. In may ways the blog is fun for me in an annoying way, if I am not good at ignoring readers. I am trying my best, I have thought about turning off the comments. I like some comment, however listing to Craig has taught me there are too many blogs out there where everyone wants to be loved and thought of with some form of respect.

No communication from readers would make it possible for me to never learn what is happening in this world. I believe there is a need for real opinions, unedited, my opinion, not anyone else. I guess when Craig said something and requested it not go in the blog or when I read his blog I know how much was left out of the blog.

He was also asking me how much time I spend on the blog. He really concentrates, tries to work things correctly, takes note, tries to make sure the whole pile of noise sounds good. I told him, nothing easier than blogging, I just type, do a spell check, then send the thing. Sometimes I skip the spell check, I hate to reread the thingy, why would I reread my diary. It seems inane and prone to me tempted to cater to the audience or lack of audience or making it make sense.

Nothing makes sense, traveling is half great, and half sucks, just a normal life in a different channel and station daily. There is tons of diversity, not that this is good, I will probably never be happy in normal again. I do not recommend people travel, it is not a way to become a better person, I did not have opinions about Brits, French, Dutch, Africa, Euro-TRASH and other sub-sets before I traveled. I also able to ignore the problems with Americans before I left America. The Political Correctness and the make the world happy, bullS)*(* it too prevalent. Everyone is wanting to lie, the real authentic person is becoming a rare animal. I like sometimes the arrogant persons in the Expat communities who do what they want and admit they are doing what they want. They are not catering to any audience.

I will think some more on how to blog, who cares, I have achieve my goal of having a website, to earn money enough to continue to travel. I suppose the time has come for a second goal. I do like to help persons, however I feel the majority of person have been oversold by the TV and Travel Channels, Travel Agents and such, hard to undo or have them believe that many of the geese are all flying the wrong way.

In the end, Travel is about enjoying you trip, first and foremost saying no to all the temptation to do what others are doing. If you enjoy the resort, go in the resort, if you enjoy the cruise ship do the cruise ship, if you like Aruba, go to Aruba, it is not about a life enrichment it is about enjoyment. Some have to admit they are looking for debauchery at least 150 miles away from their life and that is whey they go to Las Vegas. I can go and do as I wish, I am here only because I wish to be here, however I am alone with nobody to talk with, it is like being on a deserted island. I am going to go look for a more concentrated form of tourism here. I thought there would be some rich expats hanging around, none to be found so far.

Oh well, life has a lot of channel, I can always choose a different one, I am responsible for coming here.

Agh forget the spell check.