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New York is My Country Too

2009-11-02 14:38:24

I suppose I am feeling sentimental, I am going to leave the USA again tomorrow, for the last 11-12 years I have lived outside my country.

This is a beautiful view of a small pond between Orland and Angola, Indiana. It is a wonderful experience to see your own country with the filters off, somehow living in the USA made me ignore this pond. However, after too many years outside, I now can look at what is inside.

New York City - United States of America - Monday, November 2, 2009
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This is an Airplane in O'Hare International Airport, there were two French people standing in front, I said hello to them later, and told them welcome to America.
C’est Bon.

We had a conversation in French, and I learned how to pronounce Haiti.

I sat on a plane with a woman from Mindanao, Philippines, we talked about places like Hawaii, Las Vegas, and San Francisco where different waves of Filipinos settled.

I checked into the Hotel here in New York, it took all the willpower I could muster to not speak only Spanish.

Dos Mujeres des Puerto Rico
Un Hombre desde Colombia
Un otro, que yo no se.

This sign is completely in Spanish, I do not need to leave the USA to meet the world here in New York, City, I am in the center of the world.

I walked into a grocery, I asked, where is the Banco? Stopped into the Donut shop, and the two girls say they are from Bangladesh, I said,
“I spend the night in Dhaka on a flight from Bangkok, I was going to Katmandu, Nepal.

Barb Wire and Binder Twine, somehow that phrase sounds real to me, I enjoy saying it.

Alan is on the right, he is the father of Eric on the left, when I was young I worked with these two men, It is nice to say, I have complete and unending respect for these two men.

Barb Wire and Binder Twine, I suppose this is America, at least it is my America, it was nice to look at my country with the filters off, to see it as it is, not as I think it is. I am ready to board the plane to Haiti tomorrow, I know where I am from.

New York is My Country Too