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New York Hotel versus Philippines Hotel

I am in a great Hotel in New York City, it cost about 127 dollars per night, and I asked myself
“What is the difference between this room, and my nice one in the Bauang, Philippines?”

Note - The Majority of Hotels in the Philippines are annoyingly bad, however the Bali Hai East in Bauang, La Union, Philippines was special.
Video of my Traveler Nest Hotel in

New York City - United States of America - Tuesday, November 3, 2009
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1. Bigger TV
2. Furniture is wood
3. Appliances, iron, hair dryer, ironing board.
4. Hangers in closet
5. More towels
6. Water pressure is better
7. Curtains will block out sun, heavy duty.
8. Light next to bed
9. Pictures on walls
10. Carpet
11. Clock


1. Swimming Pool outside my door.
2. Restaurant overlooking swimming pool.

It is rather humorous, there is so little difference between the two Hotels; it is obvious to me that the Philippines Hotel could be the same level of quality for less than 300 Dollars. However, somehow because of location this New York one cost 127 and the one in Bauang, Philippines cost me 12 Dollars per night. This New York Hotel chain has made better choices, they have designed the room to function or never disturb me, there are not many annoyances.

Truly sad, the 100-dollar difference in hotel prices is so small, in a way when I talk about my Travelers Nest, I am trying to explain how I convert a 12 Dollar room to a 120 Dollar room. Which room is better for living?

The Bauang, Philippines is better, the Hotel ambience is better, but in the end, the areas around this Hotel is a little bleak, nothing USA, it is close to La Guardia Airport, and that does imply, I will be leaving soon. I sometimes tell owners of tourist hotels,
“If a traveler stops in your hotel and stays more than a week your hotel is good, if people only stay one night, they vote with their feet.”

When a person says to me, they lived in a Hotel for a month, I listen, and there was something about the Hotel that was special.

New York Hotel versus Philippines Hotel