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New York City Photos 2009

2009-11-04 03:48:29

New York City Photos 2009

Here are a few glances at the city of New York as seen through the eyes of man from the state of Indiana.

This is a man walking around with a signboard advertising haircuts for 11 Dollars.

Fort Lauderdale Airport - Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Travel Gear

New York City street corner food vender.

Cute girl with a fur jacket, it looked real, but I was not able to touch.

I believe this is lettuce, but I am still not sure.

This is Freddy, I stopped and asked him where 3rd Street was and he pointed many blocks away, somehow we readjusted to 3rd Avenue and East 46 Street and he said right ahead. He walks around the downtown areas all day hand delivering package, this is the type of person I need to meet in every country.

Hey, I am not from New York, but I think that is the Empire State Building in the distance, the one I see in movies.

A girls walking off the “Zebra,” I think the United Nations should discuss people walking on the Zebra, I am sure it would save many lives. I for sure think cars kill more than Swine Flu or Aids, but what do I know…

I have arrived at my destination, rather a big world for a man from Indiana, then again after 85 countries, I guess this is city, I know cities.

I am there; Christine says to go the 23rd Floor.

I am early; I chased down a strong cup of coffee.

Pret "Just Made"
organic when we can always preservative free

Yes, this feel like my image of New York, an expensive coffee in a paper cup, then running to a meeting in a too tall building full of suits. I guess I forgot my suit.

I think “Pret” is a French word, this is good, I am in training for Haiti where they speak French, hmm, I bet this is not the image they are trying to associate with their coffee.

Wake up world, it is 5:41 am in the Fort Lauderdale Airport, I somehow manage to sleep in this airport, I am at gate H5 waiting to leave.

New York City Photos 2009