NEW Map of Location of Andy

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NEW Map of Location of Andy
The Verizon BlackBerry Storm has a GPS function; I can find my location on the map with Global Positioning Satellites, and then email the location to a person. Boy Genius from India, my techie and friend has made a new feature on the Andy Travel Journal that creates an almost real time Google Map of my present location.

Map of the present location of Andy of

A person can go directly to the Travel Journal and click on one of the maps in the left column which will also take you to this map.

This is cool, anyway I think about it, this cool feature truly hits at the essence or the future of travel writing taking us closer and closer to real time reporting.

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Friday, May 8, 2009


I suspect we could generate the real time location of me at any given time; however this makes the maps confusing. In this version this map feature only shows the city where I am located. However, as I understand, I have not had time to play with this inside an internet café; I believe a person can zoom right down to the exact spot where I took a GPS reading.

This is a great way to explore the location or maybe the terrain of a city for great understanding of what I am seeing.

Suggestions and comments are needed, if there is a bug or problem, please enter comments below. I suspect we are having browser compatibility problems.

Note, do not mention the BlackBerry or Opera Mini Internet Browsers to Boy Genius he is not enjoying making pages compatible with these browsers.


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NEW Map of Location of Andy


FYI - Works fine in Firefox.

It is a nice feature but Id like to make a few observations.

First, if the below sounds like Im suggesting WORK, then please ignore me. These are just thoughts.

It shows nicely a day by day marker (on the top map), but not the flow or path of your travels. After a couple of years, wont it just end up being a map FULL of little orange markers, and hard to find where you really are currently? If the current location was a different marker color would help. In the end I suppose you could break it down by year similar to your archives to limit the congestion.

What is truly useful is that someone could combine the map with suggestions from your blog, and in some instances be much better than a guidebook.

One more thing related to the above Google Maps has a terrain feature, if one was to actually follow this path, getting a sense of elevation in the area I think might help. Again, if it sounds like Im advocating work, please ignore.

One question for you. Are you considering Madagascar?