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Nepal Photos Squatter Tents

2006-05-28 08:51:00

Nepal Photos

This is a squatters or maybe a tent city, they may own the land, however highly doubtful.

The taxi driver tried to steer me to a 3-5 Star Hotel and look what found, the United Nations with vehicles that cost more villages here.

A great explanation of the countryside in Nepal, even though you would think there would be one and two story buildings, they seem to keep making them higher. When needed they terrace the farms land.

Up on the side of a hill was this man looking down in his Military colored clothing. Warning do NOT take photos of Military, this photo was taken from a taxi and a very lucky photo.

Katmandu Tuk Tuk

I see they spelled the name of Katmandu as Kathmandu; it is negotiable what it correct, in the Nepali language it would look like Arabic letters. I pointed at this and the Taxi driver said, the Tuk Tuk in Thailand are famous.

Nepal Photos