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Nepal Import Export with Royal Nepal Airlines

2006-07-10 21:57:00

 Nepal Import Export
I was checking into the Royal Nepal Airlines when this man came up, his English was broken, however he wished to hand me a small bag. He wanted me to carry or check the bag for him, he said,
- Help me please, only 10 Kilos -


This man has many bags full of items he has purchased in Thailand; he is importing the items to Nepal in an ad hoc sort of way. I guess it is about 10 dollars U.S. per kilo of extra weight. Therefore, 10 kilos would cost a lot. To ship weight it is from 7-15 for air shipping and around 3 if you are lucky for slow boat.
However, you save many customs problems if you carry on the plane like a courier. I kept and continued to say,
- No -
Then he would sort of beg.
I was laughing and saying,
- Nepal is one of the most corrupt places on the planet -
I should have explained, they will hang me if I am caught carrying a bag for you to Nepal. Thailand and Nepal immigration, what a nightmare, I would not want to be caught up in either of these countries legal systems or lack of legal systems.
The man proceeded to hand many packages to different people, then when he got on the plane they was handing them around and back to him.
He has a very tight plastic wrap on many of the packages, it appears to be the lightest, cheapest, and maybe most secure way to ship. They customs officers know if they open, they will not be able to close.
Nepal Import Export


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