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Natitingou Benin Hotel or Auberge

Natitingou Benin Hotel
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am in Natitingou, Benin after a faster 1500 CFA Cattle Car ride from Djougou Benin to Natitingou. I tried many strategies, I went to the internet café or cyber café, the one the Taxi took me too was far outside the center. I then tried for the market, the driver cannot think, market and Hotel, then I finally got him to say,
- Centreville -

The center of the city or village, he took me to Auberge Central, not sure, he fully understood, but I am in the center, and I am in a hotel, or Auberge, I think just a tax difference.

I rented a backpacker style room, with share shower, toilet, and a mosquito net for 3500, this is almost the cheapest I have yet to rent in West Africa. I was happy, walked, came in the room, tried to turn on the fan that did not exist. I say to myself.
- Ooops, I screwed up. -

Fan or no fan is not a small difference, I say the word Fan in French, I spin my fingers, and they all shake their heads. I think I heard a rattle. No fan, in the end, the four French Girls woke, and I ask them about a Fan, they said they had two in their room and neither worked. Obviously, there is no fan. I am thinking this is not good, the room is concrete made to order greenhouse.

I go to look around, I see four other hotels. 10,000 CFA or 6,500 CFA more and I can have a good room in the Bologna, I hate spelling. In something like Bolorgone or something. It is in the guidebook and ok, but nobody there, I have four French girls talking in my hotel, so hmm, not to move or to move.

Call Audible Travelers Style.
I make a call from the line of scrimmage, I think, 6,500 CFA is a lot of money, it is close to 15 US Dollars. I can buy a fan for that. I go to the store, this store, that store, the Super Marche; finally, across from the entrance to my road, the road I live off, behind the Mosque, is a place open on Sunday that sells fans. I find this little one for 6,500, I say 4000, he says 6000 is lowest, I start to walk away, I know the price is at 4000 too high, so he says, take it. I make him test is, check it, all systems go, and I have this little fan. I walk into the Auberge, also called

Fan I purchased for 4000 CFA and probably 2000 too much, or I can pay 6500 more for a room, economics… hehehe

Hotel and show the girls. They laugh, and all the staff is hung over, so they do not look at me, or notice. I am happy, this uses electricity and having guest, and not paying for electricity is pure profit. I am cutting into the profit. It is a small fan, can I carry in my bag, and it is nice and quiet.

The Hotel smells like big beer, not little, it has rotten beer; they drank and spilled a lot last night. Today is Sunday, this is some party place I think, that is OK, I am Centreville, or in the middle of the village, I can walk.

I hope to be here for four nights, I will save 60 US dollars because I was willing to buy something to make my travelers nest acceptable. One small thing, and I knew I would need to move. No fan here is not ok, it is hotter here than in the south of Benin. The dry air, or change in climate is making it hotter. I am laughing, we had a nice rain and it cooled off the hotel. The hotel has lots of shade, a huge bar, food area, and a girl that is problem Muslim, with a hangover.

Peace Corps is here, and the for French girls are nurses, studying here, I have not seen another Tourist. I am still at count of eight.

Natitingou Benin Hotel