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Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru Kenya
I am bouncing down the roads of Kenya; I have been changing cities daily. I do not go far, maybe 50-100 Kilometers, however each trip is about three hours because I need to wait for the Matatus to fill up with passengers.

I landed in Nakuru, the fourth largest city in Kenya, and what the Lonely Planet said was a good place to spend a few days. This normally translates to… there are many places to drink.

Nakuru, Kenya
East Africa
Friday, April 10, 2009

I thought the city was boring, a huge market of used gym shoes, shirts and pants, nothing of interest, other than an extra large grocery store.

I got a room at the Mount Sinai Hotel, an acceptable Hotel, however I am always nervous in any Hotel that has religious overtones, and “Mount Sinai” for sure must be related to Christian Religions. This was the mountain where Moses received the 10 commandments.

I do not trust Hotels that are too religious in nature, not that this Hotel is even close to being religious, quite the opposite. The more a person says they are religious, the less I trust them. I do not know what happens, however many people feel they are on the moral high ground to steal my money, or cheat me; there is a lapse in justice.
Not sure the Mount Sinai fits in this category, I went out at about 8:00 pm and there was about 10 hookers hanging around outside. I did not stick around long enough to determine which hotel they used to perform their tricks. However, I know which Hotel was the closest to this group of working women.

The Lonely Planet advise people to get a room the top with a great view of the city, therefore when I entered, they escorted me to the top these room, they knew I was coming. This is five floors up and there is no elevator, I am not sure the best advice, however high enough to avoid the women below, at 450 Shillings, the price is fair.

I was not heeding the LP advice, however when I saw the laundry area I was sold, Africa is truly not laundry friendly. A room one floor down would have been cooler and safer, this room is isolated, and anybody could rob it without a problem, water pump motor on the roof.

This is Ann, notice how she is bending over, Africa people seem to always bend over this way. Asians will squat, I am always amazed at the Africans ability to work bent over like this, and I think the shape of the muscles in their butt is genetically appropriate for this stance.

Nonetheless, Ann was a pain; first, she wanted 800 Shilling to wash four shirts, one pair of pants, and some underwear and socks. She wanted two US dollar per shirt or pants, truly an outrageous amount of money.

I asked her,
“Where did you learn to this?”
She says something like,
“I am a Christian, I have a baby, and I need food.”
I said,
“I do not give a F#$K.”

And I truly do not, this sad sack story is old, this is what is called “guilt extortion,” and I am immune. Truly just a manipulation to try to convince me to be stupid.

A fair price for the wage structure of this country would have been 200 shillings. I told her I would wash them myself and just walked away, this was too stupid. She came and opened the door to my room without knocking and proceeded to beg, then said she would do them for 300. I finally said ok, what a mistake, she washed all my white clothes with my red shirts, now I have a pink shirt and pink underwear and sock.

You ever read the book by Paul Theroux, “Dark Star Safari?”

Whatever, I took a small van the next day to Kericho, Kenya, without looking back.

Nakuru Kenya