My Thoughts on Healthcare in USA

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I just won the Healthcare lottery, the USA just passed a HealthCare bill. I have not had Health Insurance from about age 25 until age 54. I could have afforded it; I just did not feel it worth the money. Effectively, I was saying to myself,
"I would rather die than pay 250-350 U.S. Dollars per month."

For 30 years, I have won the Health Care Lottery, I get to keep the 90,000 Dollars I saved and you paid. I can now get the rich to pay my health bills, whoopee.

President Obama tells me, this is now paid for, because I am lucky sperm from the USA.
Thank you President Obama.

Warning, read on at the risk of boring yourself to death.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Monday, March 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Universal Healthcare
Do I have universal healthcare now because of the vote yesterday in the USA?
Has President Obama pushed through HealthCare?

Yes, because President Obama told me so.
Yes, with a lot of small print, exceptions and good intentions, and zero clarity.

What can I effectively do now?
I can demand the Doctors take care of me. I now have the moral high ground, I will be able to walk into a Doctors office, a Hospital and demand they take care of me, and this is valuable.

What is the value of the USA government to me?
In my opinion, the value of being a USA citizen is that my government protects me. If I do something incredibly stupid like walk across the border into North Korea, I can get President Clinton to come to North Korea and say,
"Andy was confused; he did not know he crossed the border."
"The USA will lie on my behalf."

For some unknown reason to me, about 20 percent of the planets, normally called the developed nations earn huge amounts of money. The people of the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand make normally about 8-100 times more money than the rest of the planet.

Cost of Health Care outside USA
The cost of HealthCare in the underdeveloped or normal world is priced correctly. Therefore for about 99 percent of my medical problems, and because I am earn about 20 times more than any of the locals in poorer countries, I can afford to pay Doctors and Hospitals outside the USA with cash out of my pocket.

What I do need?
1. Cancer Treatment
2. Organ Transplants

I suppose I could get in a car accident, and have incredibly bad injuries, that would require years of bone repair work.

I need the USA Healthcare system to pay for anything over 10,000 Dollars per year, this is what I need, but I want them to pay all of the expenses, because I am a USA citizen --- I can jump on a plane here in Guatemala, knowing they will die, while I would live of the same major medical problems.

I earn USA dollars and spend them in cheap countries; I have the buying power of a USA citizen who earns about 150-200,000 dollars. I can afford many health problems because I live outside the USA and earn money from the USA. Now, if I had a big medical problem, because President Obama promised me I have Health Insurance, I would board a plane, fly home, and demand the Doctors and Hospitals take care of me.

I know it not that simple, but that is what he is telling me, providing I pretend I am stupid, therefore, because I am now stupid, I will demand it, and get it. I love the USA!

This is a good use of socialism, and the USA and the world is slowly become 50 percent socialistic and 50 percent free market, this I will be the best of both Democracy and Socialisms combined.

I heard, 65 percent of bankruptcy filing are because of health bills in the USA, I am hoping there is a 65 percent reduction in bankruptcies.

Note: I heard words coming out of Politicians, calling people ignorant, disloyal, non-American and communist. It is beyond my comprehension that an elected politician would be so low to stand at a podium and behave so low classed in front of his or her constituents. I think this stuff is for Twitter and Facebook where soap opera mentality thrives.

I believe it is my responsibility as a smarter, richer person, to take care of people. I feel it my personal responsibility to pay for workers health problem, and then force them to work to pay whereby they take the paycheck I give them and pay taxes.

I am the King, therefore I must take care of the people below me, this is my responsibility I have accepted as King.

My Thoughts on Healthcare in USA


I am a rich person.
Andy Graham

I will gladly pay for poor people with my tax money.


Yes, Obamas project will allow more people to live, life will be less of a challenge, more will survive. However, at a cost, the USA pride is embodied in our abilty to be unique, a roughed individualism. I want people to thrive and have pride, I have never figured out how "gimmes" can be given without removing pride.

Challenge is why the tropical countries are poor and the cold ones are rich.

You want to compare Europe to the USA, I am comparing the developed world to the under-developed world. We are just a bunch of lucky sperms, Europe and the USA are not enough different to discuss, truly too small of thought.

However, the difference between the USA and a country like Guatemala or Thailand is a world apart, and worth a the bother, but that is not Obamas goal, he is just trying to remain leader of one country. I am thinking about the planet.

Obama is being President of the USA, he is not Kennedy, who was being President of the planet, he cannot see beyond the Democrats and also become half a Republican, or accept that he is really a half-white, and half-black man.

Kennedy erected a bridge over the Niger River in Niger West Africa in the City of Niamey, Niger and nobody know this...

One-Term in Office for all politicians.
If he wanted to change the USA and world, he would be pushing for a six year set term for all politicians, therefore they could do what is good for the country and not worry about being re-elected.

Motorcycle Bob

We shall see. As you say, lack of clarity. As many weaknesses as the previous system had, the new system *could* be much worse. Governments are very good at taking a bad thing and making it worse.

I really wanted reform. Not sure if we can call what we got reform. Maybe. We shall see.

But wait, there's more. It is likely that the tax exemption for foreign earned income will go away. And everyone will have to have insurance, so you will likely have to pay income tax AND pay for insurance. And, as you say, you will be considered rich and will pay high taxes. Or not. We really don't know.

It is not right to pick just one or two things and blame all our ills on them. Some of the many many *causes* for the problems we had are: Too much Govt regulation. Too little Govt regulation. Govt salary controls around WWII causing benefits such as health care to be one of the only ways to attract the best and the brightest. People demanding too much/too little. Doctors, lawyers, hospitals, illegal aliens, rich people, poor people, insurance industry, big business, unions, politicians etc. Pick your poison. Everyone has their own favorite scape goat, and an argument can be found for and against each of them.

Being a person who has zero trust in the Government (ANY government), even if congress presented a bill to us that was my dream bill, I would be against it because I know the Govt can change things on a whim, once something is enacted.

I am hoping that this whole thing turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to the US. I am not holding my breath.


Congrats on winning the medical lottery. I think I just got the short end of the stick. Even with insurance health care is expensive here in California. I just went to Tijuana, Mexico this weekend to get some dental work done. Mind you I have one of the best dental insurance plans in the US. Still I paid 4 times less than what I would of paid in California (8 times for someone without insurance). Plus, I did my procedure with no waiting, and was treated first class. Plus I had a great weekend. When I go to the dentist here in the US I never get any tacos, nor do they ever send marachiis to sing to me after my visits.


MissNeb you search for confusion, I hope you are happy.


Hospitals and Insurance companies are still able to do as they wish, so far it feels as if I will be forced to purchase insurance or get fined.

Motorcycle Bob

It is possible that the fine will be less expensive than the insurance for someone in your position. Then, if you need it for cancer or something, just get it then.

You mention that the price of health care in the third world is the *correct* price. I would love to see some real numbers, as in, how much does a certain operation (heart surgery, cancer treatment, root canal, appendectomy) cost relative to, say, a months rent, in the US versus third world. How about comparing how much a doctor gets paid per hour in the US relative to how much a mechanic gets paid, and compare to other countries. [I know people that will pay $80 an hour to get their Harley fixed by a High School Drop out that will then complain about paying a couple hundred bucks for a doctors visit.] I would also be interested in how much the doctors pay out of their pocket for their schooling between the different countries.

I suspect the numbers will be all over the place, as what is considered *normal* living is drastically different in different countries. Just think about how many cars there are per capita in the US versus most other countries, much less a third world country.

By the way, I am not defending things here, just saying how hard it is to really compare two drastically different places. Even Europe and the USA are drastically different. Hell, this could be a major study, which would require a grant of millions, if not billions, of dollars. Andy, if you get this grant, I think you owe me a beer (or soda, that would work too).

Bob L


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By Thanyarat Doksone
Associated Press writer

updated 11:42 a.m. ET, Thurs., March. 4, 2010
BANGKOK - Thailand is continuing to offer insurance coverage worth $10,000 to anyone harmed in riots and demonstrations as it seeks to attract tourists scared off by political turmoil, officials say.

Other carrots range from a waiver on all visa fees to discounts on airline landing fees.

"The measures are to support the tourism industry. The situation has been recovering but the businesses still need help," said Thai government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn earlier this week.

Now That's a deal !


Same here, haven't had health insurance since leaving my parents' house at 18 years old and we raised our daughter without insurance and without a family doctor. As a family of three we saved between U$500 to U$700 / month, U$6000 to U$10,000 / year times 20 years which we invested in real estate which appreciated greatly over the years. We always keep around U$10,000 cash for potential medical emergencies but have never had to use it yet. I use to say while living in the States that if I broke my arm or leg the first thing I'd do is buy a plane ticket and head for the airport rather than paying U$10,000 for treatment in the States.

The new health care bill seems too confusing for me to understand the state of Hawaii has health care and senior citizens can attend University of Hawaii tution free so we think in our mid 60s we may spend more time in Hawaii.

I couldn't help wondering why during all the debate there was no mention of the health care systems in Europe and other countries which we might adopt? Guess Americans maintain that doing most things the American way are the BEST in the WORLD, use to wonder the same thing about the American prison system and other policy decisions.