My Thai Girlfriend Comes to Baguio Philippines

My Thai Girlfriend Comes to Baguio Philippines
My Thailand girlfriend text messaged me yesterday
“I am at Baguio Bus Station?”

I broke up with her last week; we have been dating for over 5 years. She has a Masters in Pharmacology and worked in a University Hospital, with a focus on cancer medicine.

She did not tell me she was coming, this was a complete surprise, she quit her job, sold some stock she had, and came.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, July 26, 2009


As best I understand, she plans to travel with me for the next month and a half. I am writing and explaining this because there would be too much dishonesty by omission if I did not tell readers.

I normally for the last five years have come to Thailand to see her, and roam around Thailand a little and plan my next journey. (I am planning South Africa now.) I do not go far because she works about 8-10 hours a day, six days a week, bottom line, she works a lot. I have gone on a few weeklong trips with her.

I normally omit situations that involved her, I leave her almost out of the Travel Journal, even though she has been with me the majority of time I visited Thailand. I have always felt it is unethical for me to write, take photos, and include her in my journal. It is bad form to constantly include someone, possibility make the person well known to readers, and then maybe in anger write about the situation.

This is a better situation, we are both adults and not prone to soap operas, she is my best friend; I am not going to do anything to ever hurt her, or allow anyone to hurt her. I am not going to take photos or say her name, she is my Thai friend.

I do not know where to start; it has always been easier to allow readers to live with their illusions and preconceived notions of me, Thailand or the Philippines. I can write something that is 100 percent facts and people will say it is not true, why explain myself. I will say statements, I have not drank for 22 years, I have a Thai friend, and let if fly. I do not go into details because the world wants to read a soap opera, they is a dark perverted side to people who are anonymous and truly want to start on a dark path, this is not me, I am just enjoying life.

Girls in Thailand and the Philippines who date foreigners are generally prostitutes. I guess in Thailand is about 95 percent and in the Philippines it is 80 percent, this mean the average white man is generally married to a prostitute. Men will suddenly take a prostitute and make it appear she never worked in a bar, I am not sure how they do it; this explains the type of men who live in Thailand and the Philippines. Love has a way of washing away all past sins, and allows a many to deny reality. Since I have been dating a Thailand girl, I would hope and assume they are capable of seeing I fit into this stereotype, even though it is not true. I fit a stereotype, that does not mean I am the stereotype, however I am smart, I do believe stereotypes explain cultures.

Hmm, so why did you meat your wife in Manila? Oh, ok, I understand, snicker, snicker… The group all agrees to not explain what we all know.

It took me one month of living in Chang Saen where she was working in a Hospital, I saw her every day in an internet café before she spoke with me. She needed to ask me to travel to another city to talk, I believe she would have been fired if she had talked to me in this small village. Thailand is racist, they consider the Foreigners trash and treat any girl that lives, dates, or marries a foreigner as a prostitute. Moreover, I believe they are right; 95-99 percent of the men are truly walking around with prostitutes even though they are in denial and lah lah land of want to believe opposite land. Some type of ego defense mechanism, that allows these low self-esteemed men to be happy.

Some people can live for years, oblivious to the feeling and thoughts of the other person. I am sure many a married person finally realizes their husband or wife never listened, never cared, and only took.

This is truly a difficult situation for me, I will try to minimize the comments about her, and however I just cannot live with a person for a month or two, travel, and hide this. There is a full story and the story becomes skewed because I do not say or admit there were two of us doing the activity. It is cheaper in a way for two people to travel, and the Philippines cost double of Thailand. She has already commented, the Chicken on a stick is double and the price of coke is double.

I expect to delete many comments, as all the perverts on the planet decide to make comments. I have a couple of Trolls who get deleted 90 percent of the time and are not even smart enough to stop, they will jump at this.

The vast majority of men who live or go to Thailand and the Philippines want to go and buy women. They want to be a big fish in a little pond, the rich person who gets all the women. They wish to use money to make themselves a somebody; however, in reality they are nobody. This group is close to insane; for sure they represent a group that is analogous to the book by John Steinbeck called Cannery Row. The are both saints and sinners, however at the end of the day, I know my mother would not want them in the house. A few can behave for a periods of time in between their bouts of heavy drinking, but they are unstable, unpredictable and prone to extreme anger. The do not accept reality on realities terms, they make it up as they go, and this is fine, this allow the majority of the planet to be happy, even in the midst of mass confusion, chaos and debauchery. I guess I would say, seldom do I see a person who adheres to the saying,
“To your own self be true.”

Generally we write one book and live another, this is life.

They make up whom they are, support this belief with words and continue to support the lies they tell, creating an illusion of who they are. I of course to readers appear the same, I leave out vast parts of my personality, and I have left out this Thailand girlfriend for years. She has been there, but not included in the conversations on this journal. Any critical thinker should be able to see the conflicts, I write them, I know they are conflicts, however this is the fun of writing, to make you feel, to make you think to allow readers to create their own story, I do not want to control your thinking, I wnat to open your thinking to follow many paths that you chose.

I know who I am and the stupid remarks and outlandish innuendos are funny to me. Always funny how people know more about what they are saying I am doing than me, they are telling me that I am just the same as they are… This is funny, they cannot believe a person can try to be good, they believe that all men are the same as them… Hmm, Thailand and the Philippines is hell for a single women, I do not include them in my thoughts.

Why I broke up is this, I have to admit after visiting Thailand for 5-7 years, I do not like the culture, the people are cruel, mean spirited and only pay attention to me when money is involved. They have no respect for me; and I agree with this assessment of foreigners, I generally have no respect for the foreigners in Thailand, however a great study in human nature.

She loves Thailand, I do not like Thailand, I am not going to live in some place like Chang Mai surrounded by drunks married to prostitutes. Or isolate myself and avoid these people with no friends, I want to generally like the people in the neighborhood I would live, not just one or two. Thailand is a great place for people who hate people, a hermit, a loner to the point of being insane. There is no necessity to have a good friend in Thailand; they do not invade your privacy, they do not care.

I will say, there is no reason to get a Thailand girlfriend in my mind, even though I have one. There are reasons to have a Philippines girlfriend, however if they met the girl in Manila, Angeles, Cebu, Boracay, and other major tourist areas, they may be living the lie, and probably are, happily delusional in their belief. I think it is about power and status, there is wonderful false sense, a great feeling when walking into a place where all the women think I am handsome and suck up to me.

Generally men hang around with me in these places, not sure what is up with this, some type of love between men, the good old boys club who truly do not believe women are worthy of opinion.

Well, I guess you readers are in for a trip as I ratchet up the rhetoric, I explain in increasing detail my intimate opinions. Remember, these are my opinions, you have the right to disagree, however incredibly childish to try to prove me wrong, this is my journal, not yours, you are spectator, a reader, this is not free speech. To try to change people is the most dysfunctional of all behaviors. You cannot change me, I cannot change you, if you change because of my writing, it was because you was ready.

Hmm, what a good time to include my new journal system we are creating, we are going to allow readers to read all the nasty deleted comments. This is just me making money, and truly a reality soap opera. I delete about one in five comments, they are just over the edge crazy, too much for prime time, and just people who hate themselves and want the world to hate me with them. I have to put this in a password protected area, make readers join the hobo club and log in, these people are incapable of writing within norm of society.

Relax all of you, this girl is my best friend, this is not a soap opera, I am just traveling with my best friend. I guess it is funny; it took me five years to get in touch with my feeling well enough to say,
“I do not like Thailand people.”

I like or love Thailand for the food, the beaches and it is wonderfully cheap the great value on the planet. This is the one of the greatest places on the planet to visit as a couple or single person. I can live better, cheaper and in great rooms, buy anything there at the best value on the planet. However, I truly have no reason to talk with Thailand people, by some quirk of culture; I have Thai friend in five years of visiting the place who is one of my best friends. However, I admit, their culture is not one I want to become or emulate, I am an American, still the best culture I know on planet earth.

My Thai Girlfriend Comes to Baguio Philippines