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My Taxi Driver in Sosua Dominican Republic

I truly love taxis; it is the most convenient system of transportation on the planet. All I need is to walk out to the street, hold out my hand and normally for less than one U.S. dollar, I can travel 2-6 miles.

This is Pepe, yesterday after being here now for two weeks I finally got my personal transportation arranged. I know his name, telephone number, and have for fun his photo, Pepe is my person drivers here in Sosua.

This probably all seems scattered and silly, almost like I am poor. However, there are no car taxis here in Sosua, or let us put it this way, there are so few of them, they are the most inconvenient way of travel in Sosua. While the motorcycle taxis are the most convenient. A family almost has to rent a car or there is no way to get around this extremely small city.

Driving a car is a SNAFU because the locals will steal anything that is not chained down, the theft in Dominican Republic means we all in steel cages for safety. This is why they have "Gated Communities?" There are no gated communities close to my home in Indiana; the place is way too safe to need all this caged crap.

By the way, you do need a private Moto driver, because the Sosua motorcycle drivers generally are idiots. Tourist should not use them; this is some form of reverse synergy.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Reverse Synergy, I just thought that one up.

Synergy Defined: combined effort being greater than parts: the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities

I truly love human nature, it is truly just to pieces of DNA from a monkey, and we have made so little progress.

I want the Internet and Electricity of Panajachel Guatemala
The electrify and Internet in Pana almost never stops, while the electricity in Sosua goes off daily for a couple of hours. The Internet is wobbly here in Sosua; sometime it is good, sometimes bad, totally undependable speed levels.

I miss Pana, all the locals who live on the Caribbean Islands are a pain in the butt, and they are just rude, crude and a waste of my mental energy to think about. While the people around the lake at Lago Atitlan are sweet.

Maybe Cabarete is better than Sosua
I am planning to visit Cabarete daily to search for a room with Internet. I have a great room here; I am just surrounded by a truly difficult local culture. Cabarete has many wind surfers, and this would be more pleasant than the men here in Sosua buying women. The density of boom boom girls here in Sosua makes Angeles City look like church group.

All yes, but I should not forget, Pana is full of Missionary, all out to save world, never realizing they need saved.

I think Paradise is always passing away, it is the energy we receive in the first few weeks of living in a new location, after that it slowly turns into hell.

My Taxi Driver in Sosua Dominican Republic


There are now 300 tuk tuks in Pana now, it is tough on the kids and the locals and the visitors to walk around the narrow streets, find a room on the edge of town for peace and quiet, hope that there is not too much rain in June or July, Pana is on alert again this year for flooding and mudslides if the rain is heavy.
All I know anymore in Pana a re teh locals who grew up there and their kids and grandkids, the ex pats I knew, except 2 or 3 are long gone, however even though I once lived and worked in Guatemala, aside from friends, I no longer feel safe there, not at all, I would never use a credit or debit card in Guatemala with the massive cloning scams, for any reason. My best friend in Pana who was born and raided there told me when you walk down Santander, walk fast, walk with your head down, was good advice, never ever saw agressive 'shoe shine boys' in Pana before, too many drugs, NGO people and Missionaries have turned many kids into beggars, drug abusers and dealers have become role models for many local youth buen viaje


I 100 percent believe a culture of fear is higher than the real danger. The USA people walk around scared of the rest of the world, but the gang type rapper inside the USA big city are people that makes Belize seem safe. The bottom line, there is always a bad neighborhood in any country, do not enter, and if you rent a car you make the chance of entering 100 times greater.

Example, I had a private taxi driver in Baghdad Iraq, we wanted to go to Tikrit. The driver would not take us into the city because of danger. With a rental car, you can drive right in full of stupidity.