My Sensation Transference Problem

The reality of life is this: a red Lamborghini Countach will attract the Playboy Centerfold types.
--- Sensation Transference ---
Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, March 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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A Volvo Station Wagon will find you a wife that wants to read books, and loves to balance your checkbook.
--- Sensation Transference ---

Sensation Transference
"Most people make unconscious assessments of a product, service, or event not only based on the item itself, but on secondary sensory input associated with the item, which all contribute to one general impression - whether intended or not, accurate or not."
Cheskin called this "sensation transference".

Designing Your Travel Blog
There is a person out there, confused, trying to design the perfect Travel Blog, the perfect web site, the perfect internet project that will be the fountain of never-ending money. Please read this post carefully, maybe you will not make the same mistakes.

A Story
A man owned a large chain of transmission repair shops across the USA. One day he sold the chain for millions of dollars and opened a Pizza Restaurant. They asked him,
"Why did you change from Transmissions to Pizza?"
He replied,
"A person who walks into a Transmission Repair shop is angry, while a people who walk in for a Pizzas are happy.

Bottom line, your web design is an invitation to enter, do you want the Playboy Centerfold girl to enter your site, or do you want a girl who reads books to like your site? Neither answer is correct, but one of the two is better for you.

Blogs are for Writers
Many people want to have a Travel Blog; they want to be thought of as the intellectual writer, the knowledgeable person of the world. Yet, they cannot type, and they do not read books, they want to be the Volvo when in reality they are more the Lamborghini Countach, or even the Hummer.

Another Story
My friend Keith, one of my run around friends at Indiana University said,
"Never trust a girl who can look in the mirror for over an hour at herself."
He also said,
"Look in her closet, and count the number of shoes."

Ask yourself, if you are reader, you made it this far…
Ask yourself, did you look at the photo of the Lamborghini Countach, and then make the choice to read this article? Alternatively, did you read the title "Sensation Transference" and become intrigued to read. Generally, in my experience of as a writer, the photos will lead the person down the primrose path faster than a good title, people are visual first, and they can abstractly interpret a photo faster than they can understand words.

Web Site Design Conclusion
Search for photos, take photos that define who you want to be, and then wrap your internet site up in these photos.

Personally, I would rather sit around at a conference, than at a convention of Travel Writers. I sit around for hours reading, I need photos that attract this type of reader, people who like to learn and study phrases like; "Sensation Transference"

Am I a nerd? I played all the sports in High School, but sat in the back of class playing chess with the nerds, I arrived confused or not: Renaissance man

My Sensation Transference Problem


Colors have symbolic meanings: "We associate red with festivity, blue with distinction, purple with dignity, green with nature, yellow with sunshine. Pink is generally associated with health... White is a symbol of purity. Black expresses evil." Preferences for pure colors are often associated with the poor. The rich tend to prefer tints. And while women generally prefer tints and men deep shades, both are attracted to fleshtones.”


The titles of your daily blogs is what gets my attention and attracts me to read it more than the photos but I agree for the majority a picture is worth a 1000 words. "Sensation Transference" is drew me in, sparked my curiosity and made me think.


This is probably off topic but my wife drives a Ford Focus. My blog consists mostly of blue and brown. I wonder what that makes us.


And lest we forget the Chinese and Feng Shui have their own beliefs about colors like Black being a symbol of wealth,

I always wondered why the media nor Christian leaders nor teachers addressed the fairly obvious undercurrents of the meaning attached to BLACK and WHITE especially. Our western culture has incorporated many such symbols into our psyches and those of developing nations succeeding in broad based brainwashing. Like WHITE means RIGHT and BLACK meaning EVIL intended to cause fear and loathing or white meaning heavenly or angelic. I guess it makes me lucky I was born white because if I was born black no doubt such ideas and many others like them would likely have radicalized me I may have not been able to escape the States and explore the world.