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My Prediction on the Future of Blogging

2010-04-25 06:41:13

Blogging is dead; it is being replaced by

Allowing users to interact with each other is the essential value of the internet, and has been evolving. Interaction is the reason to use the internet, and not just read a book, newspaper, or magazine, the desire to have a voice in a world that makes everyone feel small.

Bulletin Boards to Chats to Forums to Blogs too is the first system that allows the entire world to participate; everyone is smart enough to use the system.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Sunday, April 25, 2010
By Andy Graham of

The whole world is capable of using, and within a couple of years, it will be on every cell phone.

Prediction for Future of Blogging
I believe Facebook provides a better interactive experience for readers because they can post their own photos, videos and comments, everyone has an equal voice. Bloggers must ask the question; do people really want to read something longer than two sentences?

1. Gossip
2. Conspiracy Theories or Magical Journeys
3. Anger and controversy
4. Sales pitches, always selling some consumer products.
5. Fantasy and dreams
6. Facts and Data like the Encyclopedia

I believe Blogging has been replaced by, the end is near.

The Money Myth of Andy
There is an incredibly difficult to shut up myth that I make my money from Blogging, in reality, I make pages that generate traffic from searches. A person searches on Google, finds one of my pages, visits, clicks on an advertisement and we make money. Daily readers are a horrible source of income, the moment they become loyal readers, they stop clicking on advertisements.

I do not earn money from Blogging, that is not my primary sources of income, it is something I do for fun, a project to release my captive thoughts, whereby the beneficiary is me, I understand my world by journalizing the experience.

I am avoiding the inevitable; I must write books if I want to have a voice, then again, it is difficult to muster the vanity and arrogance to feel I have a special voice.

My Prediction on the Future of Blogging