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My Potatoes and Life are Not Special

I want to live a simple life, I want to cook potatoes I purchased at the Panajachel City market for 25 Cents, and know the life I purchased was a good value.

What makes my life special is I continuously walk away from the competition of life, I continually stop myself from competing with my fellow man, I do not envy them, I tend to think they are nuts.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Wednesday, March 17, 2010
By Andy Graham of

Trendy Coffee Shops
Panajachel is full of American Missionary right now, they all seem to sit in trendy coffee shops or bars buying expensive drinks and food. Guatemala is more religious than the USA, but they come here as missionaries, truly a mixed up world.

I enjoy listening to their stories, to how they live, to their agendas, there are daily lessons being taught on why I do not live in the USA daily. I entered a coffee shop here, a nice place, but truly sells expensive coffee in a country that grows coffee. I mean, I can walk down the road and find coffee growing…

I know the world thinks I am cheap; I will enjoy cooking my potatoes. I have never got a handle on this money thing, I know the more I pay, the less value I get in return for my life. I am always in negotiations, trying to make sure what I paid for my life was a good deal.

What makes my life special is I do need to be special; this truly is a life less normal. I now need to figure out how long to cook boiled potatoes, truly one of lifes lessons worth learning.

My Potatoes and Life are Not Special


Is there really a time limit for potatoes? I think if anything the danger would be to overcook them, rather than under cook them.