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My Plans After Philippines 2009

My Plans After Philippines 2009
I needed to come to the Philippines, I truly had no choice, and I needed medical work. I now know I have Sciatica. I had an ultrasound, MRI, about 15 Doctor Appointments while here. I am 99 percent sure there is no cancer, I am ok.

I am ok to be a world traveler; I can walk again with less pain.

I can feel the rumblings and disgust, “Andy, please go to another country.”

I am leaving, when are you going to tell me where to go?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


I am leaving this up to the readers, please vote on where you want me to go. I think Haiti is winning right now, but truly, I want the readers to decide where I go.

I have a ticket to the USA on October 21; I will visit my family for a week than go somewhere. Please choose a place for me to go, I enjoy all countries and need help making up my mind.

I need to make up my mind before I leave the Philippines, or shortly after I arrive in the USA.

My Plans After Philippines 2009


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