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My Plans After Philippines 2009

My Plans After Philippines 2009
I needed to come to the Philippines, I truly had no choice, and I needed medical work. I now know I have Sciatica. I had an ultrasound, MRI, about 15 Doctor Appointments while here. I am 99 percent sure there is no cancer, I am ok.

I am ok to be a world traveler; I can walk again with less pain.

I can feel the rumblings and disgust, “Andy, please go to another country.”

I am leaving, when are you going to tell me where to go?

Monday, October 12, 2009

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I am leaving this up to the readers, please vote on where you want me to go. I think Haiti is winning right now, but truly, I want the readers to decide where I go.

I have a ticket to the USA on October 21; I will visit my family for a week than go somewhere. Please choose a place for me to go, I enjoy all countries and need help making up my mind.

I need to make up my mind before I leave the Philippines, or shortly after I arrive in the USA.

My Plans After Philippines 2009


I have zero plans of ever doing anything permanent in the Philippines or marrying a Filipino girl. This country is fun, it is an incredibly cultural experience. The country is a never-ending soap opera on steroid with grown up as children as the actors. All is great as long as I play, anything serious is a nightmare.

I have had four readers write personal emails, they are also making little comments that they would be happy if I never came to Thailand or the Philippines.

From me, the quality of the people reading the Travel Journal when I am in Thailand or the Philippines is annoying. The people searching the Internet who want to come to these two countries as at the bottom of the barrel of quality control rejects.

But as a good soap opera, this place is full of the wanted and unwanted. I was at San Juan beach, two old drunk surfers were there, they said,
"Do not take our photos, we are wanted in the USA."

Too funny, a true soap opera and the best reason to come to the Philippines, if you want to hear really crazy stories, not repeatable on this page, then come here.

I love the Philippines because of the never-ending soap opera, but it is not real life, even the Filipino people are begging to leave.


Have you ever seen the site , he travels on a motorcycle all over the world.
He is currently in Russia, and areas around there. It could be an interesting journey for you up that way.
Scenery is wonderful.
Not sure about eye candy for you. But culterally very different. The people seem friendly from what Hubert says.