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My Pain from Sciatica is Unbearable

I am tired of having pain, whether physical or emotional, it has reached a breaking point. Today, I finally gave up and went to the pharmacy and purchased:

1. Five Valium
2. One Dolo-Neurobion
3. One Tramal Long 100 mg

That is about five dollars worth of pain medicine.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


I needed to stop the pain for a day.
I have been in great pain now for years, with the right exercise, nothing to do, no stress, the right balance of everything on my plate, I will tend to ignore the pain.

Pain Management Lesson
I anesthetized my mind for years with alcohol, this enabled me to tolerate being in the same room with my overactive brain. Generally Americans are nuts, they are so busy, they can deny and be under the illusion they are ok because they are occupied by being preoccupied.

I am American, and I suffered for year with the idea that I need to work hard. Now, I know when I am having problems, I stop working, I slow the world down to a tolerable level and stop with the stressors.

My lifestyle is as ideal as it gets, but only an asshole would think everything could, would or should be paradise continually. And, there is an overabundance of idiots on planet earth, who have become empowered by Facebook to believe someone wants to look at their face. More or less, let us go ugly quick and fast, and there is no dislike button. Google.com has become the most petty force on the planet, taking level of intelligence to all time lows.

If you have notice, I turned off the comments, it is annoying to read petty comments on in a never-ending stream, they do not make my life better, I just cannot tolerate this. My life is meant for something better than catering to the mass hysteria of Facebook and Twitter, I quit.

My Pain from Sciatica is Unbearable

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