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My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera

My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera
There is zero advantage to getting older, it is propaganda put forth by older people as an excuse to get fat and ugly.

I am playing around, my friend Phil here in Baguio took a photo of me and published on the internet. I have keep threatening to do this, just cannot work up the vanity to take photos of myself. I have been teaching Phil how to Blog, he is an excellent student.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here is the Photo… ooops; I guess you need to go say Hello to his site to view.

Phil at

Let me explain, I know I am fat and ugly, every time I look in the mirror that tan farm boy, the beach bum of 22 is not there, no bulging muscles and the eyes are not as blue, some new character has taken his place. The good part is I still expect to see and demand to see that young man in the mirror.

Phil is one of the many Veterans who was introduced and made friends with the Philippines while overseas serving his country as a young man. These men fell in love with Southeast Asia and many continue to wander around in the land they love, they still see the young man in the mirror. Phil and a gentleman by the name of Victor have sailboats, they are going to sail to adventure. An adventure starts in the mind, lives in our dreams and is realized one day at a time; Phil is walking the walk, talking the talk, and will surely find his adventure. I hope Victor enters in and post his links below in the comments so we can understand the whole story…

Phil at

My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera


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Eric, I had many conversations about the size of a sailboat with Phil. I think the cost of maintaining a small boat, the ease of living on the hook, and the abilty to man the boat himself was the reasons for the smaller boat.

I tend to feel 30-35 foot is needed for comfort.

I am told you can purchase boats in California marines for less than 1000 dollars because people have not paid the slip fee.

I would buy one today if I could get 30-35 foot sailboat. I would sail it down to Guatemala.. not easy to get to that side, but I would put it in Rio Dulce and live on the hook.

Phil is a great guy, he will discuss this by email, write him.



Andy, your recent posts and the explosion of activity in the comments section make for a very interesting blog.

Im a long time reader but wanted you to know I think all the changes you have implemented in the past six months are turning out very well.

Page Turner

Mom And Dad Hey Andy, We really want to thank your friend. It was great to see your smiling face after all these months without a HOBO picture in front of you. Of course, we think you are handsome. After all, you are are our adventuresome son with the blue eyes and blond hair. Last evening your sisters said it is indecent to stay so young looking when they have to work at it. Just thought I would throw that in.