My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera

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My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera
There is zero advantage to getting older, it is propaganda put forth by older people as an excuse to get fat and ugly.

I am playing around, my friend Phil here in Baguio took a photo of me and published on the internet. I have keep threatening to do this, just cannot work up the vanity to take photos of myself. I have been teaching Phil how to Blog, he is an excellent student.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here is the Photo… ooops; I guess you need to go say Hello to his site to view.

Phil at

Let me explain, I know I am fat and ugly, every time I look in the mirror that tan farm boy, the beach bum of 22 is not there, no bulging muscles and the eyes are not as blue, some new character has taken his place. The good part is I still expect to see and demand to see that young man in the mirror.

Phil is one of the many Veterans who was introduced and made friends with the Philippines while overseas serving his country as a young man. These men fell in love with Southeast Asia and many continue to wander around in the land they love, they still see the young man in the mirror. Phil and a gentleman by the name of Victor have sailboats, they are going to sail to adventure. An adventure starts in the mind, lives in our dreams and is realized one day at a time; Phil is walking the walk, talking the talk, and will surely find his adventure. I hope Victor enters in and post his links below in the comments so we can understand the whole story…

Phil at

My Old Fat Ugly Face on Camera


hi andy, been reading your ramblings for two years now and i wasnt going to look at your photo..wanted to keep the mystery going but i did look of are handsome with soft features and a gentle face.its quite odd after two years i realise you have been like a never ending story in a book that i could dip into when i wanted thus have always remained kinda surreal because nobody saw your face! now you have a face! and kinda odd like a mask comming off after two years! its good to see your face.i love reading your stuff, its special and real and my kinda travel and living and mind set.i admire you, brilliant.


How to get a haircut cheap?

Andy Says ....There is zero advantage to getting older, it is propaganda put forth by older people as an excuse to get fat and ugly.

I totally and absolutely disagree with Andy on this one small but huge point.....

The advantage is........You have lived long enough to know what you want and how to get it,

The disadvantage is you did not know what you wanted when you are in your 20s-30s early 40s

as the saying goes Youth is wasted on the Young

For the fortunate few that have a good education, a decent passive income and reasonable health and looks. Many guys can live a long and happy life as older gentlemen in Asia much better than younger guys that saved a few grand and hit the road hoping their LOOKS can get them through the tough times in EU and America.

Let me tell you young guys the truth !

Get as much education as you can. With education you can travel with. Doctor,Nurse,Engineer,Finance,Seaman etc.

Andy is the exception. The rest of you should not even think of doing what Andy does until your 40 and have a non stop passive (retirement investment) income of USA $2,500 a month + 2 inflation per year.

You can do it earlier but most of you will have a ex- and a child or 2 in tow to ruin the reality thus you read Andys thoughts and wish it was you

plan now my youngsters..........dont fall into it like lucky Andy

*OK ANDY is not totally Lucky, got to give a little thank you to his Mom and Dad for instilled right and wrong motives. Which is lacking in a lot of people as you see in Andys Notes..

..... I am sure he would have done things differently just as I would, BUT I did not know.......I wish someone said Work your ass off til your 40, then go nuts rather, than go nuts til your 40 then pay for it !


This got me thinking about explorers, wanderers and travelers in the times prior to air travel that we now take for granted. Before the early 1900s, anyone wanting to see the planet, meant that sailing would be necessary in one form or another in conjunction with overland. Even if one could cross the Bearing Straight when frozen, the Darien Gap and other pinch points, youd still need a boat to get to many islands on the globe and ferry across some rivers.

Would be Interesting to know what Phil at Sail to Adventure has planned as a travel strategy as the boats look to be 27 and 24 ft monohulls. Skim coastlines and stay near ports? Or use ports as a base and do inland overland excursions at certain points? I have no clue really, but are these large enough craft to cover the large expanses of deep ocean reliably?

We often plan for travel and focus on the land masses. Sailing brings a whole new dimension to the world traveler possibles. Ive always envied those with the skills to sail. Given the right circumstances, I have to think its got to be one of the most enjoyable ways to see the world. The times I have sailed has been good medicine for me.

Recently a 17 year old became the youngest ever to sail around the world solo! Hes Zac Sunderland from California and did it in a 36 footer covering 28,000 miles in 13 months. At that pace I wonder if he spent time to stop and smell the pelicans.

Good luck to Phil and his crew.



Eric, I had many conversations about the size of a sailboat with Phil. I think the cost of maintaining a small boat, the ease of living on the hook, and the abilty to man the boat himself was the reasons for the smaller boat.

I tend to feel 30-35 foot is needed for comfort.

I am told you can purchase boats in California marines for less than 1000 dollars because people have not paid the slip fee.

I would buy one today if I could get 30-35 foot sailboat. I would sail it down to Guatemala.. not easy to get to that side, but I would put it in Rio Dulce and live on the hook.

Phil is a great guy, he will discuss this by email, write him.



I looked at some California sailboat listings online and the prices do seem to jump up quite a bit on a per foot basis once you get in the 30 foot plus range. Not sure why or even if its typical.

Living on the hook would be excellent. By avoiding room costs youd have payback in less than a year or so with a $1,000 - $2,000 dollar boat. Smart provisioning would of course be a requirement.

From California to Rio Dulce wouldnt it mean going via the big ditch in Panama then north praying you avoid the drug runners? I wonder if the same type of no slip paying cheap boats are available in marinas in south Florida? Would be a much shorter trip to Rio Dulce.



Andy, your recent posts and the explosion of activity in the comments section make for a very interesting blog.

Im a long time reader but wanted you to know I think all the changes you have implemented in the past six months are turning out very well.

Page Turner

Mom And Dad Hey Andy, We really want to thank your friend. It was great to see your smiling face after all these months without a HOBO picture in front of you. Of course, we think you are handsome. After all, you are are our adventuresome son with the blue eyes and blond hair. Last evening your sisters said it is indecent to stay so young looking when they have to work at it. Just thought I would throw that in.

mom and dad said on Thursday July 30th, 2009 01:22:15 PM

. Of course, we think you are handsome.

.....well there you have it. Case closed ! Her baby is beautiful.


Small World! Phil stayed with us several times at our guest house style Townhouse Hostel near the Manila airports. I came across your website years ago not long after creating my own homepages and happy and a wee bit envious of how much your web presence has multiplied. Im quite ignorant about the fine points of internet technology so thanks for sharing your experiences in your FAQs page. I just started to check out googles adsense option and have never made a peso directly from my website which was originally created as an advertising venue for our small businesses and to help answer the most common questions budget travelers ask. After playing hostel answering the same dozen questions asked by thousands of backpackers and budget travelers who passed through The Townhouse the first ten years we were open I created a Map / Budget Travel Information Wall inside our place and provided the same information on my website. We have alot in common you growing up in Indiana and me in Des Moines, Iowa and both traveling the world on shoestring budgets during our first 10 years of living life on the road. After taking a 3 year break from being in front of a screen from 2004 to 2007 limiting it to an hour / day or less, Im back on-line more so will frequent your blog. ENJOY LIFE! and Keep sahring the JOY of your world travel adventures. Bill