My Mom Wants the Internet Gods Help

"Andy, I am still helping the Orland library with Indiana history. They want me to put on facebook a search asking if anyone has a book called Morley's History of Steuben County in 1955. Trine University, Tri State. has 1 copy and it is thought to be the last copy anyone knows about and we are wondering if some young person could have been given a copy by their grandparents. The pages are very delicate on the one at Trine and it is difficult to scan. Could you put it on face book for me, as I cannot seem to figure out how to do it? Thank you. Love Mom."

There is always Hope.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
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Help My Mother, Make Hobo Look Good
My mother wants to find this book:

Title: The 1955 history of Steuben County, Indiana. An historical, pictorial, complete county atlas and biographical county album.
Author: Morley, Harvey Warren Chase, 1876-.
Published: [Angola, Indiana] : H.W. Morley, editor and publisher, c1956.

Do we Overestimate?
The internet is a tool, I can hardly stand to get on Facebook or Twitter, I only do so for business reasons, and somehow Facebook keeps finding my long-term friends from High School. However, like a class reunion, there is a reason why we do not stay in touch after all these years.

Can a person use Facebook to announce a need?

My Mother and Father have a terminal case of hope and faith, they believe in the good of humans, I think they need applauded, therefore I try my best to be a good son. I am sure after they die, I will remember every little question, I will remember every time I did not give them the time needed. I guess love is really equated to how hard I listen, even when I feel rather helpless.

My Mom Wants the Internet Gods Help