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My Life Goal: Avoiding Annoyingly Anal Activities and Associated Acquaintances

2011-07-10 08:17:10

I live in a Hotel room worth 150 USD per night in global tourism values, I am very proud of this room and never ashamed.

My Life Goal: Avoiding Annoyingly Anal Activities and Associated Acquaintances
Ergo: I want to be proud of me, and of you is the benefit. However, more importantly, I will not feel guilt or shame, and there will be no monkeys on my back, and nobody will be playing ping pong in my brain. (I am happy.)

Sextuplets, I am very proud of myself for that title--- my friend John came to Guatemala last year, then read a book by Paul Theroux I loaned him, then commented that Paul was excellent at a writing style I believe called b John,
"Doublets and Triplets."

Example: Paul, Personal and Perfect (P P P)

Being that I am trying to emulate, copy, do many interesting writing thing on the same path at Paul Theroux, I often try to experiment with this style of writing. Why? Is the good question.

Two - Doublets
Three – triplets
Four --- quadruplets
Five --- quintuplets
Six --- sextupletsI think or believe I did a sextuplet, but who truly cares.. (Me)
Seven --- septuplets
Eight --- octuplets
Nine --- nontuplets
Ten --- dectuplets

This could be confused with lawyers creating doublets:
Legal Doublets

rest, residue and remainder (Oops, maybe a doubling of styles.)
cease and desist
due and payable
final and conclusive
indemnify and hold harmless
null and void
part and parcel
sale or transfer
terms and conditions
will and testament

Why write using doublets or triplets?
This is the fun stuff, the writing style that makes writing into a muse, a song, a voice talking to you musically and hypnotically, until you are lost and enjoying being lost in reading. The time --- when time passes and you cannot remember what happened, the art of happiness.

It is the style and voice that turns writing into music.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


If you choose a truly great room, that is unbelievably affordable, you will always live in paradise, because a great value gives you a warm and loving feeling. (Ergo: Rooms that cost less than 15 USD per night in Paradise.)

My Lifestyle Goal
1. My daily goal is to remove from my life the idiots close enough to hear.
2. My daily goal is to encourage my close friends to do the same.
3. My daily goal is to live a good life, to be a great example, therefore Myself, Mother, Father, Family and Friends are proud to call me their friend.

How is this accomplished? By Avoiding Annoyingly Anal Activities and Associated Acquaintances.

The Remaindering is GREAT
I do not approach life as trying to accomplish something, instead I approach each day as the removal of the obstacles thereby granting the remainder of my time to what is leftover, the good.

If I remove the "Six A’s" here, I will be happy, it is the remaindering.

If I remove the "Six A’s" here I will have a lot of time to work (play) on fun projects, it is the remaindering.

I always have a lot of free time, because I seldom make plans, seldom make appointments, and religiously avoid people who are busy that somehow hook me into doing stupid things with them, it is the remaindering that is important, not the doing in life.

Burrito Factory in San Pedro

Boat Prices on Lago Atitlan still an argument.

Perfectly Beautiful Day on Lago Atitlan

Beautiful Mayan Children

My Life Goal: Avoiding Annoyingly Anal Activities and Associated Acquaintances