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My Eyes Hurt from Baby Powder, Dirty Water, Dust, Sun and Fan

2011-01-17 01:30:37

I believe I have some form of Pinkeye, that will sure get my Mothers attention, she reads this thing everyday. I try to not accidentally tap into her Motherly awareness, by writing about my maladies and dangerous situations after the fact, not while they are occurring. Well, this Pinkeye problem is going on and on, there is no relief, maybe it is getting worst.

Pinkeye is technically defined as Conjunctivitis, there appears to a few causes or types:
Allergic, Bacterial, Viral, and Chemical.
Wiki Conjunctivitis

I am going to add "Fans"

The Weather in Kpalime, Togo West Africa is cooler; I was able to turn my floor fan off last night. This is truly a relief, the weather in the tropics demands either a fan or air conditioning, and if you read along for years, you know I search for tropical location at 1500 meters above sea level, where I can still enjoy the tropics, but with no fan or AC.

I have a fan pointed at clothes to dry, and can also turn the fan and blow the stuffy air out of the room, this is the best setup for a fan, a ceiling fan sucks, dries the eyes, and cannot be pointed.

I think it is possible for me to write a book on how to stay cool in the tropics. Heat and sweat is one of the major reasons people of European descent should not live in the Tropical areas of the planet. My friend Mike went with me one time to Acapulco, he got a heat rash, and was miserable for a week or two, he now refuses to leave Indiana, one week of misery has convinced him the heat of the tropics is not for him. Moreover, I agree, the heat of the tropics is not for him, you, the locals, or me we must acclimate.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Monday, January 17, 2011


Yikes, Maybe I have all Five Causes of Pinkeye
This all started in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast, because I have menthol baby powder, which is used for too many reasons.

They sell many varieties of powder in Africa, it is common, this photo is not what I purchased. I purchased the Menthol type, hoping to annoy the ants more.

Alternative to Deodorant
Keeps Ants Away
Dries Sweat or Perspiration
Stops Shirts from Smelling, allows another two hours of "Wearing Time."
Feels Good on Skin
I put on floor in room, the sweep the room, ants, and smells.

The main reason is for Ants, I think the fine powder enters their little ant noses, and blocks them from breathing. This annoys them; therefore, they leave the room or at least stay out of my bed, and stop trying to sleep with me.

Women in Bed
Well, a women sleeping with me found my Baby Powder, she rather enjoyed rubbing it all over her body, an enthusiastic moment for me, as she rubbed it all over her chest. Now, I was ok with her chest, a powdered black chest with white powder is sexy, but she would then work her powder over to me. She would take the powder; rub it all over my chest, then work up to my face. I think this is one them terms of endearment things, and for sure one of the most enjoyable aspects of African women is their desire for "preening."

Preening Defined:
"Personal grooming (also called titivating and preening) is the art of cleaning, grooming, and maintaining parts of the body. It is a species-typical behavior that is controlled by neural circuits in the brain."
--- Direct quote from Wikipedia

Joke: Yes, watching her put the white powder on her body was enjoyable form of "titivating," for me in the room.

Species Typical Behavior
Wow, this is interesting, when reading about preening, it says it is
"It is a species-typical behavior that is controlled by neural circuits in the brain."

I have for years been trying to avoid hate mail --- by avoiding writing what I think or suspect, knowing the general public is not capable of viewing humans as an animal or species, but here goes. Just call me ‘Racist" now, you can stop reading please, but I am not racist, there is just some great or wonderful difference between the races. For example, I am truly in love with the "Bubble Butt’ of Africa.

However, preening or "Social Grooming" is what Cynthia was doing in the hotel room. She was both playing and having fun; she was trying to arrange her man into proper shape.

What is interesting to me is that Wiki says it is behavior controlled by neural circuits in the brain, and I would say it is true; there is a propensity of some girls of some cultures to preen more than other cultures. On the other hand, maybe the nurture has taken the preen out of women in the USA and Europe and made them all insensitive and not endearing.

However, maybe to me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of women from underdeveloped countries (Africa) is their desire to preen, mess with, play with my hair, clean my face, rub little imperfection and generally look closely at me. Moreover, I believe they do this more in Africa than any other continent. It is a form of intimacy that is discouraged by Americans and a sure sign a relationship is not very intimate.

Is preening it genetically wired?

Americans culture has taken a great word and wrapped it in sex, intimacy is not just sex, it is caring for your man or women, it is the touching of minds, and it is the reaching into the brain of another person and touching the soft and vulnerable parts. It is why I both was angry and felt love with Cynthia; she did all of the above. I was told by my mother, if I am not willing to fight with a women, then maybe I am not willing to love.

Wiki Social Grooming

Social Grooming is the best reason to come to West Africa, there is not much here to see, but there is a lot of intimacy. The American man is one of the poorest, if you want to count our moments of endearment or intimacy as currency.

Ok, in her zest to spread baby powder on my face, and body, I believe this fine powder went into my eyes, or my right eye more than the other. Maybe I am having the "Chemical" or maybe the "Allergic" pinkeye. Then to make problems worst, Cynthia would sniffle and say, the fan is causing her problems, I needed to have the fan blow up my body and avoid her, this meant the fan blew at my eyes, captured some dust of the powder, and in REM - Rapid Eye Movement time, I am sure my eyes were taking another beating.

Motorcycles, windows open on the vans, fans, and street dust, my eyes are full of crap, there is a never-ending problem with dust or powder in my world.

Biggest Problem Reason People Avoid Africa
I have thought for years, the biggest problem with Africa is the Red Dirt that makes for a fine red dust, which then begets a feeling of dirty for tourist. This gives people a never-ending feeling, they are in a dirty place, but truly they are not, it is just has too much red dust.

I am wondering, I think many people want to live in cities, to avoid the feeling of dirty. I am a farm boy; I feel plowed fields as clean, especially when just plowed, and moist. However, walking around in a plowed dry field in Indiana could be a dust bowl.

This is Africa, a Red Dust Bowl, and gives city kids a feeling of dirty, which it is not, it is natural this real folks, this is how you life if you do not need to recycle.

Add this up with the feelings you may have, if you drove into a 100 percent black neighborhood in the USA, and you have the sum total of feelings in the back of your mind, not truly at the conscious level, but there in the subconscious.

There was dirty water in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast, when I put the water in my bucket; it was hard to see the bottom. (I have 20,000 photos; this one was taking in Kenya, what a windfall for a Travel Writer, to have all of Wiki and Hobo Photos to suck from, or stock photos.)

Ok, the water in Sammo maybe has "Bacteria."

Africa sells Chlorine by giant economy sizes, it is used in many obvious and some mysterious ways, Cynthia said,
"I want Javel."
She wanted to use Javel to clean clothes, this is the same as saying,
"I want some Clorox."
Javel is the French African brand, and Clorox is the Anglophone American Brand.

I know more intimate than any man should, but women in Africa will often put Chlorine of Bleach in the bucket water they are going to use to take a dip shower. I have taken to doing the same, but I did not in the Sammo Hotel for a few reasons. Buying Bleach in Ghana was more difficult, than the Frenchie countries, and then what does bleach do? It bleaches, and for girls with Black Hair, they need to make that decision on their own, do they want to turn their hair white?

Please realize though, Black Girls here in Africa seldom wash their hair, they have on wigs or hair extensions for weeks on end, but their hair does bleach.

It is also a knowledge thing, when you share a shower with someone; they need to know there is bleach in the water. We never worked out a system, while in Cinkasse; we had a system of bleach or Javel management.

I have a shower presently in the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, however, I am going towards super clean, so this pink eye stops hurting. This is the benefit of being super clean, I need to decrease the amount of crap entering my eye, and somehow make sure the water is free of bacteria.

I Recommend Dip Showers with Bleach
I have been thinking about making a video explaining how to take a dip shower, and when an Ebony Black Body was in the room, I had this thought many times. I had a perfect model, it would have been at the top of YouTube.com, a dip shower in Africa.

However, I have now started taking dip showers, even when I have a normal shower. The shower water in Hotels on planet earth is polluted; I am tired of "Milaria." Not Malaria, Milaria this is situation that happens when people sweat too much.
Sweat Rash

This powder writing thing never ends, but when a person sweats, the water does not all make it way out of the skin. I believe if I am drinking polluted water, these pollutants end up in the skin. I need to open up the skin pores, allow the "Black Head" type stuff to come out. I use both a Bacterial Soap and now am taking Chlorine Dip showers.

Cold Water showers are not as healthy as hot shower, after putting the Chlorine in the water; I then heat the water with a one-cup electric coffee cooker. I have purified water in a way, both heated and clean of bacteria Now, I then take very hot water and clean my body, hopefully killing small things in the skin or making it breath, to come alive.

Hot Water and Chlorinated water is the eight wonder of the developed world, truly, what the NGO’s are too stupid to understand, they have big hearts and no brains.

Now, I have brown hair, that is constantly turning blond or blonder, this Chlorine is not a problem for me, I am just have swimmer hair, a benefit in Black Africa. (Hint)

I want to stop the dust in the road, by walking less.
I want to stop the bacteria by putting chlorine in the water.
I stopped the baby powder; maybe I had an allergic reaction.
I have no idea how to stop the viral part of Pinkeye

I am up about 250 meters above sea level which is cooler, I am using a floor fan, and it cools my lower body and does not blow at my eyes, this stop the fan blowing fan caused "Pinkeye."

I have purchased the liquid tears stuff, and maybe I go to the Pharmacy today and find some anti-viral stuff if it exist. Note, I am having some form of body-wide staff infection and this may be coming out the blood, and making ugly body stuff.

I truly wish I was 23 all my life, there is zero benefit to being older.

The solution is always to not move, by not moving or traveling, you can control all the variables of your life and live in misery, by no risk, the no rush life. Do you have something to talk about at cocktail parties? I have currency, I have talk currency, I can annoy anyone on the planet for hours on end.

By writing this all out, by journalizing, by taking abstract and unclear thoughts, by writing them, I am able to make congruent and clear solutions. A good solution is a well-defined problem.

My Eyes Hurt from Baby Powder, Dirty Water, Dust, Sun and Fan

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