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My America 2009

My America 2009
A video of my home town in Indiana.

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Monday, October 26, 2009

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If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

My America 2009


I agree with Chuck on the comment,
Where are all the Tuk-Tuks ?

I grew up, learned about life in this small quiet and peaceful town surrounded by farms.

Where is paradise for me, Andy Graham

There is a travelers story stating that New Yorkers love Jamaica, because it is just like New York.

Where is my paradise, where is my home away from home?



I was touched by this unususally personal account about your home. The love for the little town and your cradle was extremely clear to me as I wa watching the video. Thank you sooo much. Please come and visit sometimes in SF Bay Area. I am in Albnay, CA. Just accross from San Francisco. Happy Birthday again Andy.


Page Turner

Andy's Mom Well that was a great video of the Jerry Graham's home village. We lived in the north end of town while all 5 of you kids were growing up and when your sister Bambee was a senior in high school we moved to the lake, a home we had for 29 years. You Andy bought a house in ft Wayne, remodeled it and was ready to sell it so your dad and I bought it from you. It was home in the winter for almost 12 years. Grandma and Grandpa's home was a place Andy and his brother and sisters enjoyed many hours of their life at in Orland so it seemed natural for his dad and I to move back. The village actually has only a little over 300 people now and is seriously a old peoples town. We all know each others children and all the skeletons in each others closets BUT we all care about each other in a very special way. This house we live in is actually lucky to be here. It was built in the 1800's and Orland had a fire and it burned right up to this house. The brick Masonic building was wood at that time and burned to the ground, as did the hotel, bakery and many other dwellings. The train station that is still in orland was moved to it's present location when the railtroad moved away. Our home was a stuco house and had a place on the side for a horse and carriage. Later a family put shingles on it. We tore down the cement walls along the carriage place and and put on new yellow siding, We did not destroy the inside old charm of the home but enjoy the memories Grandma and Grandpa gave to it. Next door is a simple little home with a lot of history. This is where the underground railroad people were brought when they were carefully sneaked into Orland. They were taken from house to house in this village and would escape into Michigan as we are one mile from the state line to a safe haven. In the summer we give tours on Saturday about this event in history. We were called Vermont settlement in the beginning. and believe it or not we had a college in this town. How do I know all this. I have read numerous books and helped get a grant for our library by telling the history of Orland. It is true. We are small. We are boring. We do not have lots of things to do BUT we all keep busy doing what we do best, going to church, helping each other, reading, watching TV, having carry in dinners, playing cards, bragging about our kids, trying to make Orland grow, even arguing some and of course we do way too much gossiping but this was a great place to raise children and some of us old yahoo's would like to see more young families move in. I do not know what a tuck tuck is but I do know we have Lots of horse and buggies because we have huge Amish families who call this village their home town too. Andy's dad tells people he cannot get my mind out of Ft Wayne and that is true but I do not need to go to the graveyard to visit my Mother because when I miss her I sit in her kitchen and think of her love and my growing up days and when I walk down the streets of Orland I know this is as good as it gets for our family.