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Musoma Tanzania

Musoma Tanzania
I stopped in Musoma, Tanzania on Lake Victoria for one night and stayed in the Prince Jona Modern Lodge paying 10,000 Shillings, about 8 US dollars.

MwaJuma a girl working in the Hotel taught me 10 words of Swahili, the people of Tanzania seldom speak English. If I was to spend extensive time in the country I would need to learn the Swahili language.

Musoma, Tanzania
East Africa
Thursday, June 2, 2009
Where Andy Slept in Musoma, Tanzania

Musoma is the nicest city I have encountered on Lake Victoria, small enough to be manageable, with sailboats and small nice hotels, friendly people who do not speak English.

Kisumu, Kenya was clean, but boring and not friendly, possibly a dangerous city, I was enclosed in bars the whole time.

Jinja, Uganda was a zero any way I look at it, although the one of the spots that claims the start of the Nile, I guess Burundi also has a claim to fame.

Kampala, Uganda I would not wish on anyone.

Mwanza, Tanzania could be ok if you found the right Hotel, it is a never ending long city of traffic along that runs along the water.

This was my route to get from Kahama, Tanzania to Musoma, Tanzania, the whole trip was good, and the big buses of Tanzania make life easy. Bunda is a nice city, small enough to be managed and a way to enter the Serengeti if you want to spend 200 dollars per day. East Africa is a bend over and pay place to visit if you want to go on any type of tour, however very cheap in comparison to West Africa if you just want to tour around and look at people.

A sailboat on the banks of Lake Victoria, just a short walk to the water to see from my Hotel. I would have stayed a few days in this place if I was not in need of any type of English conversation. Very few people speak English in Tanzania and it can be lonely, while to cross over into Kenya and the number of people is 10 times more.

Kenya is a slum compared to Tanzania, however a slum with people that speak English. The Hotels all through Tanzania had screens on the windows, there was even a screen door on the main entrance to the Prince Jona Modern Lodge in Musoma a small no place to visit on the planet city., this was a first in East Africa, while in Kenya there are seldom screens.

Musoma Tanzania