MRSA My Difficult to Treat Infection

I have no idea whether I have MRSA, but the solutions are good, and can be applied to my health problem.

"My mind is willing, the body says no."

I was having a conversation with my friend Mark last night, I called him up to allow him to be the devils advocate on my idea of creating small "Radio Like" talk shows a.k.a. (Podcast) While talking to him he says,
"Andy, your voice is funny, are you congested?"
My mind believes I am 22, but my body says 55, I try to ignore what my body is telling me.

I explained,
"Yes, I am getting worried, I have been on antibiotics for about the last three weeks, for the first 10 days one type, and then I am now on a second type trying to stop these boils."
He wanted to know why I was awake at Midnight, and I explained that is because I made a mistake and took too many multivitamins in the afternoon.

All this paying attention to my body stuff is driving me crazy, and I will say this as a 55-year-old man,
"There is nothing good about getting older, it sucks."
My body does not fight off infections the same, my metabolism is low, next thing I know my sex drive is going to stop. I feel like Willie Nelson, I cannot find the quote, but he says something along the line, if I see a beautiful woman,
"My mind is willing, the body says no."

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Maintenance work on my body is stopping me from being Macho, oops, I am not supposed to have that as a goal, and I want to Be a Man. I know there is some "Be a Man" rule that says,
"Ignore when you are sick."
"Ok, I have been ignoring, but my body is becoming obnoxious and rude."

Mark gets to the point,
"I got rid of it by cleaning."
I put two and two together, and another one of my "Be a Man" rules had interfered again, yep, on review I know the rule says,
"Do not clean well, it is not manly."
I then reviewed again page on MRSA, it says,
"concluded that poor hygiene habits remain the principal barrier to significant reductions in the spread of MRSA."
--- Oops, I have extreme good personal hygiene, this means I take two showers per day and use some type of anti-bacterial soap. I am almost boiling water and putting bleach in the water to kill off all the fungus things, and then take a dip shower with the super clean water.

--- Oops is this, I have glasses, dishes, Hobo pots, Hobo spoons, and washing dishes is truly not easy in a Hotel room. (Hot water is the eighth Wonder of the world, which I do not have.)

Ok, I took all my old coffee glasses, pitchers, I even too my glasses and threw in a big bucket with bleach, I will then heat this to almost boiling and kill 99 percent of the nasty thingies.

MRSA is "Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus"

The bottom line is this, a Staph infection can be passed between people, but even when I kill it in my body, I believe it possible to re-infect myself by having the colonies of (Big Words) living in my room. My Hotel room is not the same as home, there are some uncontrollable variable and I need to find work around situations for a couple of major problems with travel.

That bucket is how I have:

1. Hot water to clean?
2. How to wash dishes when I do not have a kitchen sink?

I have an electric heater I put in the bucket.

Wikipedia says these drugs are good; a traveler needs to be a good Doctor.
Clindamycin or Doxycycline or Trimethoprim / Sulfamethoxazole.

Ok, I am thinking this theme song from;
TWO and a half MEN theme song --- the "Manly Men" is violating more of the "Be a Man" rules, but still is funny.

I am both making a joke, and being serious, when you leave the womb of the politically correct USA where we never can say honest opinion for fear of violating somebody rights. You will find that people in the underdeveloped world, the normal 85 percent of the planet can be extremely aware of the "Be a Man" rules.

This makes modern man a soft target for men who do not obey rules, do not play fair; who use what could be called good manners against you. There is no reason to stop behaving civilized, but there is a need to man up and learn a few "Be a Man" rules.

I just yesterday had Ivy the girl in the Tarso Hotel say,
"You never wear long pants."
Shorts are not on the manly man list of acceptable clothing, my reply was,
"You went from the walking around naked 50-100 years ago to wearing long pants, it does not make sense, and you are in the tropics."

Video of Super Sanitize Dishes and Gear

Stopping the 50 Dollar per Month Skype Bill
I am paying about 50 U.S. Dollars a month for Skype; the cost is the incoming calls. I am using a service that forwards call to wherever I am located. Because I am in Ghana, a call is approximately 40 cents per minute.

I could allow it to go to voicemail, but this slows down the business response time and I truly do not like calling people back. From an organizational skills, receiving a call one time is faster than listening to a voicemail, then trying 3-10 times to call people back who only have voicemail.

MRSA My Difficult to Treat Infection